It is currently the year of 2050. The age of technology. This being said, advanced technology has allowed scientists to create life-like creatures called "hounds" that have spawned from labs throughout the world. No one knows what the purpose of creating these creatures was, however the only thing that is clear is that the hounds feed on human flesh. The hounds eventually spread to major cities where two young teenagers who knew each other well in elementary school and middle school live. They had to go their separate paths for high school, still keeping in touch through text, only now they meet again in person, this time on a journey to survive and stop the spawning of the hounds.


1. How It All Began

  My name is Yumi. I'm sixteen and out on a journey to save the world, and survive of course. Well, that may be a bit of a stretch. The world is chaos and the world population is scarce, but let me back up a bit. I had earned the trust of my parents to walk home from the high school down a few blocks from my beautiful home in California. My neighborhood was friendly. Young and old always waving and smiling to me. My parents had wanted to live in an Asian neighborhood and well, they found it. Don't ask me why.

  See, I was an ace student if I do say so myself. I don't mean to brag, but I was always the favorite student in all my classes. Even the other subjects you never liked in elementary school like art, music, and P.E. My art teacher would always use my artwork as examples and show them off at shows or in classes, my music teacher had me start a band because of the fact I could play guitar, piano, and violin, and I was the school's best player for the tennis team. I had everything I wanted. Except for a boyfriend that is.

  I had been asked out many times. By the big jocks, the geeks and nerds, and of course the quiet kids in the back of the room you sometimes forget are there. I rejected them all. Not in a mean way of course. They were all some of my friendly people I talk to and that's all I want from them. No other relationship. Why? Well, maybe it was because my parents were strict and never let me date. Or the fact I didn't have time to stress and worry about a man. I actually don't know myself. My parents were proud of me and always made sure my other two sisters and a little brother wouldn't fall into the red zone either.

  When I got home, my parents informed me that they would be back after a bit of shopping with my two younger sisters. I nodded with an ¨ I love you ¨ to both my mother and father while they left me with my brother, now 4 years old. ¨ Will you come play with me? ¨ he said. For a child, he had better English than most. Not surprising, since he had been raised in a strict house hold. I smiled at him and set him on my lap. ¨ Not right now, okay? I'm tired. ¨ I said to him, rubbing his head. He pulled away. ¨Don't touch my hair. ¨ He said pouting. ¨Sorry...¨ I said to him just as my phone vibrated.

  I scooped him up into my arms and read my phone. It was a news report about a sickness spreading to our area along with sightings of ¨strange anomalies¨. There weren't any specific details so I shrugged it off despite the weird pictures that freaked me out a bit. It began to rain outside as my phone vibrated again, this time a text from my middle school crush, friend, and older blood brother. A lot of stuff happened in the past because of the fact I loved him. He didn't love me and everyone knew it. I didn't care. I still got blood brotherly love from him. That's all that mattered. Sometimes I'd even hit his soft spot and get him to feel bad for me. Not purposely of course, but I enjoyed it.

  His name was Takeshi. Nicknamed ¨Onii-chan¨ by me since he's my older brother technically speaking. I was always a big anime fan and I even picked up a few Japanese words from watching it. ¨ Yumi. Where r u now " he texted.

¨ At home.....why? ¨ I responded.

¨ I need to see you ¨

¨ You know you can't just come to my place without warning. ¨

¨ It's important trust me ¨

¨ You still have my address?? ¨

¨ Somewhere around here ¨

¨ What is this about?? ¨

¨ You heard about that sickness and the weird sights everywhere right? Well, my area was attacked by those weird sightings and I lost my family. ¨

¨ * gasps * Are you okay?! What about your sister.....don't tell me she's....¨

¨ She's fine. I just have to find a place to stay now. ¨

¨ I wish I could ¨ I stopped mid-sentence as I heard screams down the block. I ran into the house. My phone buzzing as I grabbed a backpack filling it with my necessities as well as my brother's things. ¨ This place isn't safe anymore...¨ I said packing my things as the TV flashed videos of people being attacked by the weird anomalies. I stopped at the picture of me and my family, tears filling my eyes. ¨ Time to go.....¨ I said half to myself and half to my brother now clinging to my leg. I could've stayed here with my family making sure they were okay or bring them along, but I didn't want to have to drag them along everywhere to places I could put them in more danger and there wasn't time. I couldn't leave my brother. I loved him and couldn't leave him here alone anyways. My father could protect the other three women with him. I believed him, being a refugee surviving a few wars. In a way he was street smart. Good with his traps and tricks.

  I double checked my full bag and texted Takeshi again. ¨ It happened. My neighborhood has been raided. I few people died already. I'm coming to you with my little brother. ¨

¨ What? R u ok? ¨

¨ Fine. It isn't that bad yet.....¨

¨ Im sorry. ¨

¨ Don't be. ¨

  I ran to the place I had expected him to meet. I was right. He sauntered out. I saw his tall, lean figure with his light brown hair and light brown eyes in a hoodie as usual. Still his same facial appearance and personality I fell in love with in the 7th grade. I shook my head. ¨ W..when did you get so...tall? ¨ I said hiding my blush. He had become strikingly more attractive. He smirked at me. ¨ I dunno...¨ He said eyeing me. He looked like he was about to say something about my own appearance, but stopped and put on a serious face. " We need to find someplace to stay. Then we can talk more in detail. ¨ he said to me. I nodded and ran off following him with my brother tightly holding onto the front of my jacket.

  After running for what felt like hours, we arrived in the deep woods in a musky beat up cabin. We stayed outside on the covered porch as the rain fell hard and my brother fell asleep in a ball, cuddling with his blanket. " I'm sorry big brother...." I said to Takeshi after a long silence. He looked up at me with a solemn expression and came to hug me. " It's alright......I'm the one who's sorry for having you leave your family, but I want you to live. You're still my blood sister. " he said to me holding me in his arms which took me by surprise. I shook off the fact he touched me so straight forwardly and hugged him tighter, falling asleep and forgetting about everything that had happened in the past twenty-four hours.  

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