It is currently the year of 2050. The age of technology. This being said, advanced technology has allowed scientists to create life-like creatures called "hounds" that have spawned from labs throughout the world. No one knows what the purpose of creating these creatures was, however the only thing that is clear is that the hounds feed on human flesh. The hounds eventually spread to major cities where two young teenagers who knew each other well in elementary school and middle school live. They had to go their separate paths for high school, still keeping in touch through text, only now they meet again in person, this time on a journey to survive and stop the spawning of the hounds.


2. Finding Home

  I woke up to find myself sleeping against the wall in my blanket with my little brother. ¨ Takeshi must have put me here.....¨ I said to myself looking outside at the damp atmosphere as Takeshi sat down on the edge of the porch rather attractively, hunched over with a bow slung over his back. I smacked my wrist knocking the thoughts out of my head.

  I got up, my muscles sore from running yesterday and tapped Takeshi on the shoulder. " Thanks for making me comfy.....are you ready to go? We shouldn't stay here for much longer....¨ I said to him quietly as he looked up at me. He paused before nodding and grabbing his things. ¨ Are you okay big brother? ¨ I asked him trying not to show much concern in my voice knowing he didn't like that. ¨ Fine. ¨ he said grabbing my backpack and his things. I blinked at the fact he decided to carry my things out of free will. I carried my brother on my back and chased after him. ¨ Maybe he just needs some space for now...¨ I muttered walking behind him.

  I didn't bother asking him where we were going. Probably to some place he knows of to keep us safe. I stared at my feet the entire time as we walked threw the wet grass. I even walked past Takeshi once or twice until I finally ran straight into him. I let out a little exclaim and looked up at him. I was still getting used to the whole " him being tall ¨ thing. I thought he'd get a bit mad, but instead he gave me a grin which embarrassed me quite a bit. ¨ That's a new response...¨ I said to him teasingly.

  He ignored me with a shush, listening to a high pitched screech. ¨ Bingo. ¨ I said quickly grabbing Takeshi's bow, lighting an arrow on fire before shooting at what people have now named the anomalies ¨ Hounds ¨. I cursed a bit in Japanese not realizing it. I had shot the few hounds, but still had to be quicker at lighting the arrows. Takeshi stared at me as I turned around and gave him his bow back. ¨ I don't mean to get you mad dear brother. My father taught me how to use a bow, too. I just didn't have enough time to set my own bow up again. It comes apart yet it isn't cheap. That way I can keep my bow discreet and it's easy to carry. Why did I light your arrow up? 'Cause that's the way to kill them. I learned it from reading a few articles of people online who are on the run as well. ¨ I said to him picking my brother back up onto my back. ¨ At least I don't have to teach you. ¨ he said nonchalantly, walking off without me.

  We walked a few more hours, my back aching from the weight of my brother as we arrived at a vacant warehouse. ¨ We'll stay here. " he said making the area a bit more comfy. I had to say he was surprising me. Since when did he do things for others without being told?  

" Takeshi, " I said kneeling in front of him. " what happened? " I said. He looked at me dully.

" I already told you. "

" That's not what I mean. You changed, Takeshi. You aren't as crabby anymore. And I'm not saying you should be crabby! No no, not what I meant. I just....yeah. You get it. "

" No I don't. " he said smiling and messing with his bow.

  " Ugh. You just are nicer and stuff! " I said trying to keep myself from blushing. I set my brother, Jay, onto Takeshi's lap. " I know you don't know him well, but trust me. You'll like him. He reminds me of you. " I said quickly to Takeshi as I fumbled for food in my bag. Takeshi smiled and rubbed Jay's head a bit. " Hi. I guess you're the new little brother, huh? "

  " Don't touch my hair. " pouted my brother. I laughed, remembering that they both don't like it when their hair is messed with. " S..sorry..." Takeshi said to him a bit surprised. Once my brother was asleep I came over to Takeshi's side and asked " Will we find a better place to accommodate us all so I can take a shower, too? " He looked at me and chuckled, again throwing me by surprise. " Yeah. I'll try. For now you should be fine. You don't look bad so don't worry about it. " he said making me blush. " Okay...." I told him, getting some shut eye and preparing for more running tomorrow.

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