A Michael Clifford Love Story {Your more then a neighbour}

When Vanessa moves to Sydney with her best friend Emily, what happens when a certain neon haired neighbour catches her attention


2. Chapter Two

{Vanessa P.O.V}

Me and Emily walked off the plane, looking around the huge airport. "Woah...." Emily muttered. I heard shouts coming from behind me so I turned and my face felt like it had split from the strength of my smile.

Behind us was Alex and James pushing there way through people trying to reach us. A few girls stopped them asking for photos. They were quite popular in Australia, and we were joining their band so soon we would be popular. Yeah. Wasn't looking forward to that.

Alex ran right to Emily and wrapped his arms around her waist, carrying her foreman style and spinning around. I laughed, and I felt James arms go around me. I instantly hugged back. These boys were like my brothers. Emily ran over and wrapped her arms around me with Alex wrapping his freakishly long arms around us. "Your finally here!" James shrieked and I laughed. "Yeah, yeah we are!" I laugh and step back.

Emily bit her lip ring looking around wide eyed. "So are we going back to the house you guys bought for us four to share?" She asked hesitantly. James nodded excitedly, and grabbed our hands dragging us around the airport until we were outside in the parking lot in front of a red truck. "Ok then let's go!" I say and drag Emily into the car, with James and Alex going in e front seat.

{*bring in spongebob guy voice* five minutes later}

I gape at the rather large house in front of me. I had my bags in my hand and my backpack on, while standing in the driveway. Emily had an equally shocked expression. "W-wow." She stuttered. I laughed at her, and started walking in, with her scrambling to catch up.

We opened the door and walked in grinning. "Theirs four rooms, but we are going to save the other two rooms for if any of us get a girlfriend or something." James said. "I call sharing with Vanessa!" Emily screeched and I winced. Damn. Hat girls naturally quiet but when she wants to be, she's a freaking banshee. "Ooook I'll share with Alex! We get the first master." James said and Alex nodded walking away.

"We get the second!" I say and make my way there. I knew where everything was cause they sent us a floor plan. We dumped the bags off and gasped.....

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