A Michael Clifford Love Story {Your more then a neighbour}

When Vanessa moves to Sydney with her best friend Emily, what happens when a certain neon haired neighbour catches her attention


21. Chapter Twenty One

Emily's P.O.V

I soothed Vanessa until she finally fell asleep. Picking her up, with great struggle, I laid her down on the couch, putting a blanket over her sleeping body.

Alex and James entered the room, and grimaced seeing how broken the black and blue haired girl seemed. "She just fall asleep?" James asked softly. I nodded timidly. "Just to let you know we got plane tickets to go back to Sydney." He said softly and I nodded slightly.

I looked down as my phone beeped with a message from Ashton asking me to come to the lobby of our hotel. "Hey guys can you watch Vanessa for me? I'm gonna go get some food and grab some medication for her. Like Tylenol." I say, grabbing my keys. "Ok?" Alex said as I thanked him, pulling on my sweater that I admit wasn't mine but Ashton's.

Walking out of the warmth of the tour bus, I shivered in the cool crisp air of London. This was where we had played our last show. I pulled my beanie tighter against my head and walked a little faster to the hotel. It wasn't to far away, but it still was far enough that by the time I got there I'd be freezing.

Sighing in relief I walked into the warmth of the hotel lobby. I walked in and searched for the familiar face of my crush. Spotting him I hurriedly walked over.

"Hey Ash what is it you neede-" I cut myself off noticing a teary eyed boy beside him. Michael. "What is he doing here?" I asked. "Hear his side of the story babe please!" Ashton begged. "Fine. But afterwards I have some news to tell you. Some if it concerns my entire band, others just the relationships between you and me and Michael and Vanessa." I say tiredly, rubbing my face in annoyance as I sat down.

"She literally planned the entire thing. She heard you it's coming down and muttered 'she's to good for you' and then right as you guys walked in kissed me. I pushed her away and tried tone plain but you didn't let me!" Michael said in a rush, as if afraid I would interrupt him. I instantly felt guilty but didn't let it show.

"Vanessa said you guys were over. She also said she doesn't want to hear your 'pathetic excuse' for why you cheated. I'm sorry Mikey. And Ashton.....I don't....." I trailed off, not knowing how to phrase that I wanted to be with him, but it probably wouldn't work with our friends now vein ex' s and all. He looked heart broken.

Deciding to move on I took a deep breath. "We're going back to Sydney tomorrow. So.....we'll see you guys....when you come home I guess. See you in.......six months." I say in a rush standing up and bolting. I heard both Ashton and Michael call out to me, begging me to wait.

Why didn't I stop?

{Vanessa's P.O.V}

I woke up on the couch and saw Alex and James passed out side by side in front if the t.v. Sitting up I looked for Emily, but couldn't find her. Then the door opened and there stood a extremely upset girl. Emily.

"Ez what's wrong?" I asked and she just shook her head. "I can't. We're leaving tomorrow! MICHAEL NEVER CHEATED! Ashton probably hates me. Jesus out lives are falling apart!" Emily shouted, waking the sleeping boys. "What?" I asked shocked.

"Michael. Never. Cheated." Emily said.

"I don't care Emily. We are going home, and when they come back

Maybe, just maybe we'll fall in love with them again."

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