A Michael Clifford Love Story {Your more then a neighbour}

When Vanessa moves to Sydney with her best friend Emily, what happens when a certain neon haired neighbour catches her attention


3. Chapter Three

The room was huge. It had huge windows with white curtains. The walls on the left were a bright blue, and on the right they were a bright red. Both beds were the same. With a black bed frame, and a t.v attached to the foot of the bed. The right side had bed covers that said 'hello love' and on he left said 'don't wake me up'. The left side had a bubble chair with blue cushioning, and the right had the same just with pink cushioning.

{Vanessa's P.O.V}

I was shocked to say the least. It was beautiful. I heard Emily squeal as she ran to the red side of the room sitting in the chair. She hit her head on it when she sat down causing me to laugh. She was at least 6' and was trying to fit into a chair meant for a seven year old. I laughed, and went to my side of the room, and sat on my bed giggling.

"Vanessa! Emily! Come on were going to try and get the neighbours attention. We want to meet them!" Alex shouted, and Emily practically bolted down the stairs. I laughed and followed her quickly, running out the door.

We found Alex tackled to the floor by James, and James was tickling him. Alex squirms shrieking as he laughed. Emily ran and tackle James to the ground. I laughed and went to help her hold him down. "Tickle him Alex!" Emily laughed, as she held James arms down, and I held his legs. We heard the door to our only neighbours house open and we heard four sets of feet walking out of the house.

I heard chuckles as Jams rolled and squashed us. "NOOOOO!!" He shouted and en rolled away. "It's a brick!" Emily shouted then paused confused. "No wait.....bricks don't roll....wait." She said and I patted her head. "Don't worry Emily,  we all know you aren't to smart." I say and she whacks my arm. "Shut up you arse." She said. "FUCK!" We heard Jams shout and we both turned around. Emily glared, "DONT FUCKING SWEAR YOU IDIOTS!" She shouted and Alex looked at her. "But you just-" he said and Emily gave him a deathly look. "I'm not your mother. So you don't copy me." She said. James rolled his eyes. "Uh Emily your younger then us. Your the youngest in our group." He said.

The boys from he house beside us watched in amusement. Then I realized something. "That's right you are younger then all of us!" I said and she groaned. "I'm Eighteen! So are the boys, YOUR ONLY SEVENTEEN!" I shouted and she rolled her eyes covering her face.

"Sorry we must come off as rude. I'm Emily, This is Vanessa, and those are Alex and James." Emily says turning to face the others boys. She froze in shock and nudged me. I looked up and my eyes widened by I acted normal like her. "It's 5sauce." She whispered to me. Ashton waved. "I'm Ashton. This is Luke, Calum and Michael. Your not from around here are you? You don't sound Australian." Ashton said. Emily smiled. "No we are Canadian. We just move here. Well me and Vanessa did. These boys were born here." I say softly watching as Michael watched Emily with an eye brow raised. The pierced one.

"So do you boys want to come over for lemonade?" James asked oblivious to the fact that they were 5 seconds of summer

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