A Michael Clifford Love Story {Your more then a neighbour}

When Vanessa moves to Sydney with her best friend Emily, what happens when a certain neon haired neighbour catches her attention


13. Chapter Thirteen

No one spoke of what happened that day. No one wanted to. Alex had admitted to cutting, Vanessa showed her true feelings towards Michael and Michael promised to stay by her.

James new about everything happening, as he was the person everyone went to with their problems. Especially Emily.  With the whole touring thing going on she was falling into a depression and not even James could bring her out if it.

Vanessa sighed as she thought everything through. They had to cancel their next performance because Emily was feeling sick. "I swear to god Vanessa I'm fine!" Emily hissed through gritted teeth as Vanessa asked for literally the seventh time. "Well I'm worried you seemed fine an hour ago!" Vanessa said and Emily groaned. "It's not like I just fucking summon my illness whenever I please. It's not like i said 'oh look i have a show in two hours, bring the holy sickness forwards.'" Emily said and Vanessa scoffed.

"Jesus Christ I hate you." Vanessa laughed and Emily giggled. Vanessa did love the rather tall blue haired girl in a sisterly way, but Vanessa could only handle so much of her awesome sass.

"Anyways will you be up for the show tomorrow?" Vanessa asked finally and Emily rolled her eyes. "Yes I will, now please stop bugging me!" She begged and Vanessa chuckled. "Sure sure." She laughed.

Michael walked in with Ashton and the froze watching the sisterly bonding moment unfold. "That was so fucking cute!" Michael giggled and Vanessa and Emily jumped turning around. "KILL THEM!" Vanessa shouted grabbing two pillows handing one to Emily as they ran at the two boys and started whacking the shit out of them with the pillows. "OW I DIDNT EVEN FUCKING DO ANYTHING!!!" Ashton laughed. "Love ya too babe!" Emily giggled.

Michael was groaning on the floor dramatically. "I'm dead." He said and Vanessa poked him. "Get up lazy ass." She giggled. "I'm dead so how can I do that?" He asked, keeping his eyes closed.

"If your so fuckin dead then why are you talking? Now listen to your girlfriend and get up." Emily said.

"Touché." The highlighter haired boy chuckled standing up.

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