A Michael Clifford Love Story {Your more then a neighbour}

When Vanessa moves to Sydney with her best friend Emily, what happens when a certain neon haired neighbour catches her attention


16. Chapter Sixteen


Michael glared at the stubborn girl in front of him. Him and the boys were going to visit Emily in the hospital, whether the nurses let them or not. "And why the fuck not Vanessa? You know I love you but seriously? She's like your sister!" Michael spat.

Vanessa rolled her eyes. "Yeah and she really messed that up calling me and asshole and saying I never helped her!" Vanessa spat back and Michael sighed. "Please for me? She wants to see you!" Michael begged.

{Vanessa's P.O.V}

You idiot! Just go and see your sister you fucking idiot!

I ignored the voice in my head. I loved Emily dearly, and I wasn't even mad anymore. I was honestly just scared about seeing her and her being extremely mad at me. I didn't want to lose her.

"Please!" Michael begged, his green eyes showing how desperate he was. Sighing slightly, I nodded. I felt butterflies erupt in my stomach as I thought if all the things she could say.

What if she hates me? What if she never wants to talk to me again?!

Taking a deep shuddering breath I stood up and took Michaels hand as we walked out into the living room. I saw the boys standing there anxiously waiting for us to come down. James was standing in the corner his headphones on and I glared slightly at him.

I looked at Michael before letting out a breath I hadn't known I was holding.

"Let's go...."

{Emily's P.O.V}

I opened my eyes for the first time today and sat up slightly, wincing at the pain that shot through my body. Looking down I sighed seeing the white bandages that covered my arms. I didn't  need a mirror to know I was sickly pale with a large black and blue bruise around my neck.

Looking around the white room I frowned not seeing Ashton. That's until I remembered.

He went to get everyone else......

I felt panic rise in my chest at the thought of facing them. I couldn't! They hated me enough as it was! This would just make the hate grow more and more....


A little voice in the back of my head said.

Maybe they will forgive you and the only source of happiness you have left will come back....

A small smile appeared on my face and the panic died down a bit. Taking a deep breath I waited for them to show up...

No ones P.O.V

Vanessa walked close behind Ashton, Hand in hand with Michael. James and Alex were behind them, a thick tension between the two. Luke and Calum came up in the back.

The nurse looked up at Ashton and smiled kindly. "She's waiting for you guys. Room 145." She said, and her face slightly darkened seeing Vanessa and James but she still smiled at them.

Ashton went up the stairs, with the others groaning In protest. He led them down the hallways and then opened a door. "When you see her, don't freak out ok?" He asked before opens song the door fully.

Vanessa took in the scene, her lips parting in Shock.


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