A Michael Clifford Love Story {Your more then a neighbour}

When Vanessa moves to Sydney with her best friend Emily, what happens when a certain neon haired neighbour catches her attention


14. Chapter Fourteen

My eyes flickered around the room, watching the four in confusion. I had just walked down the stairs to see that Emily, Vanessa, Alex, and James were fighting. "You are all assholes you know that?!" Emily shouted at them, her blue eyes literally aflame with rage.

Vanessa looked taken aback. "What the fuck did we do to you? All we've ever done is help you!" She yelled back. I looked over my shoulder to see Michael and the other two boys standing behind me. Michael walked forwards and stopped beside me. "What's going on?" He asked me quietly.

I opens my mouth to speak but was cut off by what Emily yelled. "No, you haven't. All you guys do is make it worse. So you know what fuck you." She hissed and walked over and shivered her way past me and Mikey and pulled Ashton with her to her bedroom.

"Now look what you did Vanessa! Couldn't you have let it go?!" Alex yelled. Alex had always been close to Emily so I understood this part but Vanessa was his sister. A few moments later Emily came down, dragging a suitcase behind her. Ashton followed her and stopped beside me. "We'll come back after everything's cooled down." He whispered to me before going over and standing behind a fuming Emily.

Vanessa and James glared at Emily. "And where the fuck do you think you are going?" Vanessa asked. "I'm leaving." Emily said, crossing her arms as if she was daring the other girl to tell her she couldn't. "Sorry but you can't leave Emily." James said. "Your not my fucking father James. My father is dead. So I can leave and do whatever I fucking want." Emily said and turned around storming out of the house with Ashton.

"Emily!" Alex shouted as turned his face literally showing he was deathly close to punching someone. "Are you serious you two? I'm done. You guys know about her outbursts and today you brought it upon yourselves. Hope you have fun explaining I the fans why this band is so fucking done." Alex hissed before following the other couple out the door.

I stood their shocked at what if just witnessed. Calum walked over and looked at me shocked. "Oh my god." He whispered. James scoffed and went up the stairs, still fuming with rage, while Vanessa seemed to realize what she's done.

"O-oh my god..." She whispered and Mikey went over and wrapped his arms around her as she continued to look at the front door.

"What've I done?"

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