A Michael Clifford Love Story {Your more then a neighbour}

When Vanessa moves to Sydney with her best friend Emily, what happens when a certain neon haired neighbour catches her attention


5. Chapter Five

{asVanessa's P.O.V}

"If you guys wanted to come on tour with us? You'd open for us..." Luke finished, and Emily's gaze widened. "W-wait your s-serious?" Emily whispered shocked. Alex and James looked at each other with shocked and awed faces. "Really?!" Vanessa asked, excited.

"Really." Calum laughed, watching as Emily out her bass down and squealed with excitement. "W-when?" Emily asked hesitantly. "Um...tomorrow actually." Luke laughed nervously. "Ok....sure." James said and Emily nodded, confirming that we were going. "Alright you guys are already packed so....yea." Calum said as the door bell rang. Emily went to answer it.

"I wonder wh-" James was cut off by Emily's excited shriek. "BRADY!" She shouted, and she ran in with Brady's hand in hers. Their fingers laced. My eyes widen in glee. "Is Raheem...?" I asked and looked behind hem spotting my dark haired boyfriend. I squealed and ran to him hugging him around the waist. "You came!" I shouted as he chuckled hugging me tightly.

Michael was glaring at the boys. So was Ashton.

a/n: hey sorry it's short, and I will not be able to update until Thursday since I don't have school Friday and neither is Vanessa so.

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