A Michael Clifford Love Story {Your more then a neighbour}

When Vanessa moves to Sydney with her best friend Emily, what happens when a certain neon haired neighbour catches her attention


15. Chapter Fifteen

6 Days later Emily still hadn't come back. Ashton came back a few times to say hey and practice a bit. Vanessa fell deeper and deeper into her little bubble of sadness and regret. Alex hadn't come back yet, well he did once to get his stuff.

James had not regrets on anything that happened, he honestly believed the other two people in his band deserved it. They all were in Canada, the fight had happened here and they had a gig but couldn't do it with Alex and Emily gone.

{3 months later}

"You ok man?" Luke asked Michael his head cocked to the side as he stared at his now green haired friend. "Yeah just worried about Vanessa." Michael admitted. Luke tilted his head to the side. "Why? What's wrong?" Luke asked. "She refuses to go and try to find Emily. She's no longer regretful she's literally seething. It's really worrying." Michael whispered. Luke nodded. "Yeah that is a good point." Luke said softly.

Then the door burst open and Ashton stood there. It's been literally five days since he'd come by so both boys stood up about to go greet him until they saw how the hazel eyes boy looked. "A-ash what's wrong?"

"Emily....she attempted suicide after the band broke up and she's been in the hospital for the past who knows, and she just flatlined. She almost died and now they won't let me see her!" Ashton cried out. Michael looked at him shocked.


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