Wild Heart *Connor Ball*

Anna is an ordinary girl living in London, one day she goes to a vamps concert and gets Connors attention, what will happen?


3. Getting to know the guys

Chp. 3 Getting to know the guys

Anna's P.O.V
When I come too I'm lying on what feels like a leather sofa, I  open my eyes I see 7 very worried looking faces looking down on me. Niamh, em, Gwen, Brad, Tristan, James and the most worried face Connor. "Anna are you ok?" Niamh asks, I tear my eyes off Connor and look at Niamh "Ya, I think so just a small headache" I reply and just as I say that a woman in her early thirties with her hair up in a bun wearing a pair of jeans and a paramedics coat and bag rushes into the room. "Oh good you're awake!" She says looking at me with a smile "I'm Sarah" she says "Anna" I reply, "ok Anna, could you please sit up and follow the light if you can with your eyes please" she says while rummaging through her bag I slowly get into a sitting position just as she pulls a small white torch out of her bag as she points it towards me I'm aware that everyone is still staring at me.

Sarah shines the light at my eyes and I squint to look at it she moves it over and back in front of my eyes and I follow it. "Well there seems to be nothing wrong with you but I want you to stay rested here for 20 minutes at least just in case" she says "is that ok? Any other pains I should know about before I go?" She asks "Well........" Brad starts behind her with a grin on his face "Not you, you fool but Anna!" Sarah says with a chuckle, I laugh and say "not really just a small headache" "ok I'll go and get a panadol and some water for that, would you two mind coming with me to bring it back to Anna?" She says gesturing to em and Gwen they both nod and follow her out of the room.

"I'm gonna run to the bathroom, I'll be right back" Niamh said and walked outta the room. As soon as they left the lads all plonked themselves on the sofa next to me and the chairs around me, Brad and Tristan on two armchairs across from me then Connor on one side of me on the sofa and James on the other.

"So Anna what happened back there? I saw you falling to the ground" James asked "well when I was younger I fell down a small well in my grandparents farm in Ireland and I was stuck down there for 2 hours until my brother found me and ever since then if I'm in a really small space or being squashed in a huge crowd I feel like I'm back trapped in that well and then I blackout" I say "how come you only blacked out at the end of the concert then?" Brad asked "Because for some reason I can be in a big crowd and if I'm with someone I don't panic at all its only when I'm squashed against people" I say.

After I say that there's a silence in the room so I decide to lighten the mood "So how's the tour going?" I ask "Great" Tristan awnsers "This is our last stop on the tour and then we get a break we just have one more show then we get a few months off" he says excitedly" Just then Connors phone rang "oh it's mom I'll be right back guys" he says he looks at me and I swear he blushes!

"Sooo Anna, got any boyfriends?" James playfully askes beside me "Nope" I reply "Why do you ask" I ask playfully "Cause Connor likes you" he says in a sing song voice "really?" I ask feeling the blood rush to my cheeks "oooh someone has a crush" Tristan says with a grin on his face "Ya I mean he kept looking at you all throughout the concert and he was the first to notice you when you blacked out, he jumped off the stage and carried you back here" James said "Really? Aww that's so sweet" I replied my cheeks still red "thanks" Connor said from behind me making me jump and all the guys laugh I turned around to see Connor standing behind me with red cheeks and a big grin on his face he sat down next to me just as Niamh Gwen and em walk into the room with the panadol and water for me I gladly take it "Well I would love to stay and not leave you guys at all but my mom just rang wondering how come we haven't come out yet" em said to no one in particular. "Well we'll walk you out" Brad said and the other lads nodded in agreement

Everyone got up and made their way to the door leaving me and Connor to walk behind them I instantly go shy and red "So Anna, do you want to meet up some time?" Connor says looking at me nervously I manage to find my voice and say "I'd love to" 'Great, give me your phone" I take my phone out of my pocket and hand it to him as he hands his to me, I put my name down as Anna :) <3 and take a selfie to go beside my number, Then I hand him his phone back just as we reach the door.

We all say our goodbyes and make our way out to Marians car. I sit in between Niamh and the window I look at my phone and see Connor put his name down as 'Connor xox' and put a really cute selfie next to his number. I start grinning all over again. I can't wait to see him again!

When we we get back to ems we all take off our make up and put on our pjs. Then we talk non stop about the concert for ages.

Just as we start talking about the lads themselves I feel my phone buzz in my pocket. I take it out to see who it's from

Connor xox: Hey, I really enjoying meeting you tonight :)

Anna: I really enjoyed meeting you too! :)

Connor xox: Me and the guys were wondering if you would like to meet up on Sunday? :)

I turn around and ask the girls do they want to meet up with the lads on Sunday, they all said yes, except for Gwen who is going out with her boyfriend Greg on Sunday

Anna: We would love to :)

Connor xox: Great see you then! :)

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