Wild Heart *Connor Ball*

Anna is an ordinary girl living in London, one day she goes to a vamps concert and gets Connors attention, what will happen?


1. Contest

Chp. 1 - Contest

Anna's P.O.V.

"Anna! Wait up!" My best friend Niamh yelled behind me, I had just sprinted laughing past her to beat her to Starbucks. I stood at the door and shouted "I am the champion! Now you gotta buy me a smoothie!" She ran up to me with a grin across her face "Fine but I'll get you back Mahony" she said using my last name. We went then went in and got our drinks and decided to go to the park to drink them. At the park we met up with our friends Emily and Gwen, so we  just messed around.

Niamh is my absolute bestie, she's that kind of person that stands up for her friends no matter what, she's skinny with dark brown long hair.

Emer (Em) is so funny but she doesn't even realise it! She's short like me with really dark brown short hair and blond highlights

Gwen is the level headed one out of all of us! Especially compared to me and Niamh! She's the tallest of us, with long curly brown hair

"OMG GUYS! I JUST WON 4 STANDING TICKETS TO THE VAMPS CONCERT TOMORROW NIGHT!!!!" Em screemed, Em also loves any kind of band, The Vamps, 1D, 5SOS, Maroon 5, Little Mix.... but the vamps is definitely her all time favourite. "Do you guys wanna come?" She looks at us hopefully "Sure why not" I say looking at the other two who nod in agreement. "Yay! Ok so we can all get ready at my house and mom can drop us off at the arena then, but we gotta be there early so we can be at the front!" She says and we all nod understandingly. At 6pm we say our good byes and head home me and Niamh walking together cause we live on the same street. "Do you know any of these guys songs?" Niamh asks me while tying up her hair "Nope" I say popping the p "you?" "No" she says "I guess we'll have to reasearch them when we get home" she says giggling. When we reach my house I say bye and jog up the steps to my house. "Hi Mom! Hi Dad!" I yell down the hallway, "Hi sweetie! Dinners just ready" mom yells back, I walk into the kitchen and see mom dad, my bother Luke and my sister Maddie just sitting at the table around bowls of spaghetti bolognese! Mmmm my favourite!

After dinner I run upstairs into my roon and change into my sweats, then I grab my laptop from my desk jump onto my bed and Google 'The Vamps' I click into a webpage and see pictures of each of them individually and their names underneath, Brad, James, Connor and Tristan. Their kinda good looking to be honest. Then I go onto YouTube and listen to some of their songs! Their really good! I'm starting to look forward to this concert tomorrow!

*BEEP BEEP* My text alert goes off, I check it

Niamh: I see why em likes these guys there music's really good and not to mention their totally HOT! ;)

Anna: I know right can't wait for tomorrow! :D

Then I turn my phone off put my laptop away get into my pjs and go to bed.



Sorry this chapter is so short, the next one will be longer. Hope you like! :)

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