Wild Heart *Connor Ball*

Anna is an ordinary girl living in London, one day she goes to a vamps concert and gets Connors attention, what will happen?


2. Concert

Chp. 2 - Concert

Anna's P.O.V.

I wake up at 9:15am and decide to go for a quick jog before I have my shower. I put on my running leggings, and top plug in my earphones and off I go.

It's 10:00 am when I get back from my jog and moms already in the kitchen getting ready for work. "Enjoy the concert this evening Anna, do want me or dad to drop you off?" Mom asks while drinking her coffee "No thanks, Marian is driving us and we're all gonna stay at ems then tonight" I informed her. "Okay well enjoy!" She said then gave e a kiss on the for head and walked out the door for work. Mom works as a lawyer and my dad is a physiotherapist he's probably already gone to work so it's just me Mads and Luke in the house. I eat a bowl of cereal and then go upstairs to have a shower.

As the hot water streams over me I try to decide what I should wear tonight to the concert by the time I have my hair dried and a pair of shorts and a tee shirt on it's almost 12:00pm, we're all meeting at ems at 2 so I have 2 hours to decide what I'm bringing to ems and what I'm going to wear tonight! I settle on black skinny jeans with zipped pockets, a blue to white ombre vesty top, light grey converse, and my light denim sleeveless jacket, I pack them into my bag along with some accessories, I grab my phone and my bag run down the stairs and out the front door just as Niamh was walking up the street. We walk to ems together.

When we get to ems Gwen is already there, we all make ourselves a sandwich before we start to get ready, I put on my jeans, top, jacket, and converse, then I put on some small bracelets on my wrist and my deathly hallows necklace, Niamh does my hair she straightens it then does a plaid down the middle and leaves most of my hair down, then I do my eyes with nude kinda eyeshadows, I curl my naturally black eyelashes and leave the rest natural. We're all ready by 4:30 so Marian (Ems mom) drives us to the O2. The gates just open as we get there and there's not many people here cause there was no queuing allowed before the gates open. We show our tickets and quickly run into the arena to get a good spot, we're the first in the standing section so we run to the barrier right at the centre of the stage.

We chat away as the arena fills up, I look around before the show starts and the place is pretty full, instantly I grab the railing for support, I am claustrophobic it's not really bad I only get it if I'm being squashed and or else in a really tiny space. Niamh spots the panic in my eyes and reassures me. I start to calm down why am I being so stupid? I'm not being squashed I'm fine. Suddenly the lights on the stage dim and I hear the drums playing then guitars and a bass, then somebody to you fills the arena and everybody screens when the lights come back on and we can see the boys. I learnt almost all of the lyrics to their songs last night so all four of us sing along after a few songs Brad starts to talk "Hey guys! It's absolutely brilliant to be back in London! Hope you guys enjoy the show!" While he's still talking Niamh whispers into my ear "Anna, that guys Connor is staring at you" I look up and sure enough he's looking at me I blush and we both look away quickly!

I'm really enjoying the concert when James yells into the mic "alright this is the last song of the night" they start singing wake up. When they get to the last chorus there's a surge in the crowd and all of a sudden in squashed against the barrier and all the people behind me just keep pushing, I start to panic and feel lightheaded I grip the railing for support, I feel someone staring at me but I'm too scared to even look up, there's one more surge and my head feels really dizzy now and I black out. I hear someone yelling for people to move back and a pair of strong hands lift me up and carry me somewhere.

Connors P.O.V

After our first two songs of the concert Brad makes the intro speech, I spot this really pretty girl in the front row, she has a huge smile on her face and she just looks amazing, her friends whispers something into her ear and she looks up at me I feel my cheeks go red so I quickly look away. During the concert I keep looking her way and I a few times I meet her eyes, I see she's really enjoying herself.

We sing wake up as the last song and just as we start the last chorus I look at her but all is can see is panic all over her face and hands clutching the railing, then the crowd pushes closer to the stage on the last line and I see her slowly slump to the ground. Just as we finished I jump off the stage and run towards the where she fell two of the security guards run towards me and they see her. Her friends are panicking and trying to wake up one of the security guards open the barrier and they move the crowd back from her and her friends. I quickly pick her up and tell her friends to follow me. I bring her back stage into the green room where the other lads are waiting.




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