rich boy,secret girl

Skyler is a 16 year old girl who has been raised by a guy named Kris he sends her on a assignment at a high school three hours away from where they live which is in a small town call windrixville in a cabin surrounded by woods. skyler soon learns the difference between the good and the bad but can she go against every thing she knows for a guy she just met,but is some how in the middle of it all? Cover by DanielleCullen all rights reserved.


2. quiet

        I closed my eyes and took a deep breathe trying to concentrate

on I was doing. When I opened my eyes I grabbed the point of the knife that was sitting on the small  black table beside me. I closed my eyes again and pulled my arm back till my hand was over my shoulder then I through the knife, not opening my eyes till I heard the THUNK of the knife hitting the center of the target.

   "bingo." i said and reached up to tighten my ponytail.i went and grabbed my knife and examed it.It has a black handle with silver swirls from the bottom to the top of the handle.the blade was double sided and had A.S.B for my name, Annabell Skyler foster dad,Kris, calls me skyler or bell.

         i turned around and walked back to where i was standing to start again. the quite is relaxing and peaceful,not that its ever loud out in the woods except when it storming which it never does out here where i live.

     Kris said we live here because our job is dangerous cause people are always after us.I heard the door open behide me.I spun around and through the knife.I heard groans before the guy fell to the floor grabbing his arm.  

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