rich boy,secret girl

Skyler is a 16 year old girl who has been raised by a guy named Kris he sends her on a assignment at a high school three hours away from where they live which is in a small town call windrixville in a cabin surrounded by woods. skyler soon learns the difference between the good and the bad but can she go against every thing she knows for a guy she just met,but is some how in the middle of it all? Cover by DanielleCullen all rights reserved.


8. First day

The ride was in fact very long, despite my need to keep myself occupied by looking through the window at all my surroundings. I kept thinking about my assignment. Killing someone with a family? It must be something really bad for him to deserve this. Might be question I should ask Kris. After hours of driving, -which the drive seemed endless- I finally arrived. School. Great. not exactly my pick as something fun to do for the week. I pulled in to a driveway of a two story cream colored house.I sighed and looked at the yard,the grass looked freshly cut. At least I knew they'd been home.i opened the door of the car and started to walk up the door.

"can i help you?" i heard a voice and i turned around."hello?" i said looking around

 "over here"  i turned around and saw a women standing on the other side of the white fence.she had brown hair laced with gray and was wearing a pink shirt holding a pair of gardening tools in her hand.

"oh, i'm looking for,"i paused at my hand were i had wrote the name "Alissa Moren."

 "well,"she started, i could tell i wasn't going to get along with her"she's not here....Ummm,what do you need with Alissa anyway?" I laughed and she gave a strange look.

"I don't think that is any of your business"i said as i turned and walked to my car.I heard the women mumble something but i didn't care what it was,I was planning a shopping trip.  

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