rich boy,secret girl

Skyler is a 16 year old girl who has been raised by a guy named Kris he sends her on a assignment at a high school three hours away from where they live which is in a small town call windrixville in a cabin surrounded by woods. skyler soon learns the difference between the good and the bad but can she go against every thing she knows for a guy she just met,but is some how in the middle of it all? Cover by DanielleCullen all rights reserved.


4. assignment

      "sh!%" wait a minute.

         "kris?!" i yelled,"i'm so sorry, are you okay?"i asked as i helped him up and guided him to a chair and he sat down.

        "D---N,that,yeah,i'm okay,Bell,don't worry."he said and patted my shoulder.

          "Don't worry!? I just threw a knife at you! of course i'm going to worry!" I yelled.

         He smiled and laughed,"And a good throw i might add,good job."he paused and watched me as i got the first ad kit."And speaking of jobs i have an assignment for you,Bell."he said and handed me a file.

      i opened the file there were two pieces of paper in the file and three pictures and a fake I.D. i scanned the first page which was just stuff about "me" or my new identity for the assignment,my new name was Kailyn Grace.The other one was about the family and what mostly about the son and the father.

        "you want go.and kill.this guy.with a son an a wife."i pause in between almost every other word.

     "yeah,listen,bell.looks can be more than deserving  but careful." kris said and finished wrapping up his arm.he got up to leave."and you leave in the morning,i will leave direction to the place you will be staying and a envelope with some money. you a have a week to finish the assignment." and he left.        


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