Into the Black

I'm being taken over.
By what I'm not sure, but I know that this thing...this creature,
is changing me.
Its been following me around since I was seven, and over the course of eight years, my body has succumbed to its wants. I'm different, and I'm not sure I could be called human anymore.
But there are these people I see sometimes in school. I've notice that there is something different about them, that makes them kinda like me. I would have never noticed if it wasn't for their cloths, hair, and even skin. This one kid, he would come to class with a red shirt, or this girl that really likes purple, as she wears it a lot. They look human, in fact there is nothing wrong with them, but you see, the creature did something...
I'm color blind.
And now I'm trying to fight the thing following me, the changes, and find out why curtain people are suddenly showing up in color for the first time in years. Hey, I can always hope.
I hope everything will be normal tomorrow.


1. To All Who Know

How do you feel being the center of attention? Some people love it, but if you're like me, it's like being a vampire in sunlight. I tense up, eyes widen, and I feel as if I can't move. So now that you know my feelings over this, I'll continue to what has just happened in class...

There's a roar of laughter as I bring my left hand up to my ear, the loud sound still vibrating through my head. The teacher standing next to my desk, Ms. Veil, takes the blow horn away as she glares down at me. 'Dang it...that's the fourth time this week, and it's only Wednesday.' I think to myself.

"Miss Fern!" She says my last name with a scowl, "How do you expect to pass my class if your sleeping through it?" I keep quiet as I look down, and I can hear the other students around me snickering. My cheeks are red from embarrassment, but Ms. Veil continues on.

I block out her scolding even though I still try to look at her. I've had to do this all before, as it was the same teacher who just yesterday that sent me to the office for not answering the question on time. She teaches English, and I might not have hated her at first, I just didn't do well in her subject. Ms. Veil is the type of teacher that wants you to study for three hours every night, so she will give you five pages of homework, and a test over it all the very next day.

That's just one of the things that she does that irritates me. Another thing she does is she always uses my last name, Fern, for everything. My first name is Avery, and I personally like my first given name over my last.

"Miss Fern! Are you listening to me at all?" Ms. Veil says to me, the little part that I just so happened to catch. I shake my head 'no', as it's no use to try to dig myself out now. I have to hold back a laugh as I see her reaction. Her face gets redder than I've ever seen before and her hands are clenching and unclenching, as if she's trying to hold back throwing a punch.

"Go to the office! I don't want you back in this class until I see that you've learned some manners!" She yells at me, her voice cracking because of the intensity. I slowly stand up, and walk towards the door. 

After I shut it behind me I walk down the hallway, in the direction of the office, though as I near it, I take a sharp turn down a different hall. It was vacant, and there was only a door at the end that led outside. When I was a freshman, I found out that there was no cameras here, and the ones outside can't reach to the path to the trees. It's like a free way out of school. 

With a smirk on my face, I make my way out the doors. I turn my head, left and right, to make sure the coast is clear while I make my way down a slightly worn path, going down into the trees of the forest. I throw my hood over my head, hiding my face from the outside, and I stick my hands in my pockets as my feet make their way down the steep ground.   

After a few minutes of walking, I slow my pace as I come up on a stream, it's water gushing along quickly due to the previous rains, just before I get a running start. My feet hit the ground in loud thumps, the decaying leaves under my feet crunching from the weight. I take a deep breath, and throw myself over the seven feet of rushing water. 

I feel my feet hit the ground and I roll forward, my back on the damp grass as I spring onto my feet, landing with a soft 'thud'. 'Hey, I'm getting better at that!" I think, a smile never leaving my face. 'In just the last couple weeks of training, I can tell I've gotten stronger'.

Its then that I feel it. 

The cold chill runs up my spine, and I shiver involuntarily. My eyes dart from tree to tree, just knowing. Every time I feel its presence, nothing good ever come from it. Like the first time...The first time I met it, they made it so I can't feel the cold, or get burned. At first, I thought that they were trying to do good. I know now that I was wrong. After a few more visits, I noticed.

It made me color blind.

Those first few times, I was oblivious. I was hoping, maybe for the first time in my life, I would have a friend. But now, they just watch, and they love it. They love seeing me change, struggling with the things that are different, and how to hide them from the people around me. 

I hate to admit it but, they scare me sometimes. The way it shows itself, I never know if I will be upset with me. It hasn't been before, but I'm terrified one day they'll come to me, and not be happy with their work. What if they want to start over? How would they do that?

I stop. I freeze. 

Its right behind me.

It has only ever watched from afar. 

What is it doing?

"Avery Lay Fern." It speaks to me in a whisper like voice. 'I-Its talking to me! Why would it be talking to me? Has...has something gone wrong? Do they not want to continue with they want to get rid of me?' Worry takes over my being, and it soon shows on my face as I'm unable to contain my feelings. The creature takes notice though, and in a calm way, they explain.

"Do not fret, young changed one. Your destiny has been altered. The changes you have endured could ether help or hinder you in the months to come. We as a group hope that things go on as planned, and even though you were not originally meant for this role, we believe you will do just as well.

I have come to start the first real step, to allow you to be able to take on what is to come. There will be no pain, but I fear it will be unconformable for the first few seconds it enters. 

Nothing of your mental ideals will change, I promise you. Your personally will remain intact. The object we are placing inside you will become part of you.

That is the last of what I am to tell you, young one."  

'What is it taking about? This is all gibberish! Please, I don't understand...' I think, before the creature takes my arm, and a needle is inserted in what seems to be a blood vain. At first, I am startled, but not because of the fact that it is in me, but because I cant feel it at all. Like it said, there is no pain. It is them that I start to feel light headed.

"I am afraid I was ordered to have you sleep for a little while, Miss Fern." It speaks to me, just before I fall into blackness,





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