Saving Grace

Two mysterious younger girls join Dean and Sam in hunting demons. Later they find out that they are the daughters of a hunter John used to hunt with(Who is now deceased). They meet up while they happen to be hunting the same thing. They stick together because one of the girls get hurt and the boys feel guilty and want to make sure they're okay, since they insist on continuing hunting. Dean is skeptical,Sam is worried for the girls.Its a whole big mess.And what happens when a certain girl falls for a certain guy?What happens when a certain guy falls for a already taken girl?If your interested read on.If not then please just leave!!Thanks!


4. Wow thats low.

2Years later
Winters POV

"I'm going to go see Kellin." I said,appearing in Belles doorway.

"What?" She said,looking up from her desk. She was probably writing about Dean again. Throughout these two years all of us have grown closer,and Belle was stupid enough to fall in love with Dean even though he brings home a new girl every night and practically bangs every last one of them against her door. Yet she still loves him. Sam has basically become my best friend beside Belle. He's the only one it seems that gets me.

"I'm going to go surprise Kellin and see him."

"Oh,okay. Have fun and drive safe."

"I will. I'll see you later yeah?"

"Of course. Bye love"

"Bye." I said,tapping on her door frame and walking away. As I walked down the stairs,I walked into Sam,who was going up the stairs but was engrossed in a book.

"Ohf,sorry Winter. Where ya heading?"

"I'm going to go see Kellin." I said with a grin.

"Oh okay,have fun." He said,sharing my grin.

"I will." I said and finished walking down the stairs. Thank god Dean only asked questions with Sam when he's leaving. After walking out the door and opening the gate, I got in my baby and started the thirty minute drive to Kellin's house.


I giggled as I got out of my car. I really can't wait to see him.

I smiled as I walked in and walked upstairs. Heading towards his room,I made sure not to make any noise what so ever,but I don't think I needed to worry about that. As I neared his room, I heard the moans of Kellin.

"Kellin? Kellin are you oka-" I cut off as I ran into his room. There,on his bed,was a very sweaty,very pretty blond,with a very sweaty Kellin underneath her. Kellin looked up wide eyed and pushed the blonde off of him and ran after me as I ran out of his house.

"Babe! Babe wait! Its not what it looks like!" Kellin said,grabbing my arm before I could walk out completely.

"Oh don't you babe me! Don't you dare! Its not what it looks like? Its not what it looks like!? THEN PLEASE TELL ME WHAT THE FUCK IT IS KELLIN BECAUSE IF ITS NOT YOU CHEATING ON ME WITH A PRETTIER GIRL THEN ME THAN WHAT THE HELL IS IT!!!! "

"Its not what it looks like." He whispered it this time.

"Wow. That's low. That is so low. Goodbye Kellin. For good." I said and wrenched my arm out of his hand,walking out without letting my tears fall until I had left out of sight.

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