Saving Grace

Two mysterious younger girls join Dean and Sam in hunting demons. Later they find out that they are the daughters of a hunter John used to hunt with(Who is now deceased). They meet up while they happen to be hunting the same thing. They stick together because one of the girls get hurt and the boys feel guilty and want to make sure they're okay, since they insist on continuing hunting. Dean is skeptical,Sam is worried for the girls.Its a whole big mess.And what happens when a certain girl falls for a certain guy?What happens when a certain guy falls for a already taken girl?If your interested read on.If not then please just leave!!Thanks!


3. Whos this Kellin chick? And damn your house is huge! ( Just a filler)

~Sams Pov.......because I can.....XD~


"Okay,yeah she'll be fine,just in a cast for 2 months.Thats all.Yeah.Okay.Bye.Hey wait,tell Vic I said Hi and that I miss you guys.Yeah okay.Bye,thanks Kellin." I heard Belle talk into the speaker on her phone and then the beep of her hanging up from the back seat of the impala.

"So who is this Kellin chick anyway?Is she hot? Oooooh is she a stripper?" Dean questioned her beside me in the drivers seat.

She chuckeld simply and I heard the thud of her phone being tossed onto the seat beside her.

"Okay...first off....1.This Kellin chick is a guy.Hes Winters boyfriend.Yes HE is very hot,but not as hot as Vic and no,hes not a stripper,hes a singer for a famous band,Sleeping With Sirens." She said,laughing at the end and I saw Dean begin to blush.I felt my heart sink.I mean yeah sure I had only just met Winter,but she was gorges and I had at least two more months with her.

"So,do you have a boyfriend Belle?" Dean questioned.I hit him on his chest.

"Ow what?" He said,rubbing the place that I had hit him.

"We said we wernt going to get involved in their personal life! Thats what." I said in a matter of a fact tone.

"I was just wondering.Geez." He said,stealing a glance at me and looking back at the road.

"Hey,boys.....its okay.I dont mind.And no Dean,I dont have a boyfriend.Im a potato,and potatos dont get boyfriends." I heard Belle say.

"Your not a potato." Me and Dean said at the same time.

She simply scoffed in disbelief and was quiet.Dean and I did the same and left each of us to our thoughts.

"That one." Belle said quitely when we neared a large Victorian house.

"Here let me go open the gate." Belle said as Dean pulled up to the locked gate.She got out and turned her phone on for light since Dean had so stupidly drove with the lights off.She punched in the combination and opened the gates.Me and Dean kindof just sat there,not quite sure what to do.Belle stood there waiting for us but niether me or Dean got out of the car.Rolling her eyes,Belle walked up to the impala and leaned in the drivers side window,her already loseish shirt becoming losser and her boobs hung further out of her shirt further,hanging down in Deans face.(Thats her inter outfit by the way)

I giggled as I saw Deans eyes pop out of his head.

"Y-yeah,yeah." Dean stuttered and watched as Belle slowly slid out of the window.I laughed and got out of the car,waiting for Dean by the gate entrance as he mechanically got out of the car and made his way to us.Belle pulled her shirt down a little bit further.Dean hurriedly walked past us and even though it wasent our own house,walked into it like it was,me and Belle following quickly,Belle quietly giggling to herself obviously proud of herself.

As soon as we entered the house we heard screaming coming from their house.I  instinctively serched around for an injured person but found none.The only people here was Dean,Belle and I.

"Ugh I thought he would have given up by now!" Belle shouted obviously frustrated.

"Who?" Dean asked worriedly.

"This demon!"She yelled,throwing her hands in the air.

"What are you doing to him?" I asked,slightly scared.

"Okay so you know those sprinklers that are in every school in America that go off when you pull the fire alarm?" She asked turning to us.We both nodded.

"Okay well I built some of those and if I flip a light switch that isent a light switch they'll awsomely come down out of my ceiling and spray holy water in this pool type thing that I built that will drain the water and put it back into the system of holy water,so we never truly run out ,so its more like a shower bottom.Me and Winter were interrogating this demon and he got annoying and yeah....I flipped the switch on him.And thats been a week and two days now.And hes still here." She said with huff at the end,crossing her arms like a small child.I was beond impressed that this girl built all of that by herself.

"Why havent you just exorcised him?" Dean asked,unimpressed.

"Well weres the fun in that?" She asked,ozzing with sass.I laughed,watching as Dean rolled his eyes and Belle stuck out her tongue out at him.

"Shut up Sam!" They both yelled at me,causing me to laugh harder.

"Just come on." Belle said,rolling her eyes and stalking annoyed into the living room

"Make your self at home,or dont.I dont really care.You can sleep on on of the couches or go shut up that demon,I really dont care.Or you can follow me if you want.Just do something." Belle said and with out waiting for our answers,started to half run half walk up her stairs.I decided to follow her as Dean went in the opposite direction,the direction of the demon.Thank Cas!

"Ow.Damn Sam I know that Im short and all but did you really have to run over me? Damn bulldozer!" Belle said sarcastically,rubbing her head and grabbing my arms to pull her self up.

"Sorry Belle,I must have just gotten lost in thought." I said,scoffing nervously.

"You got lost in something.Any way excuse the mess,I havent gotten to cleaning my room yet.Well you know what hold on,let me go clean really quickly." She said and excused herself into her room,shutting the door quietly behind her.I took in my surroundings as she did this.We were at the top of the stairs,that had lead to the middle of a hallway.

It was a nice hallway.It must be nice to actually have a house to come home to from a job,and not just some cheap shady motel.I noticed that there was no longer any screaming,and the house was silent.

"You can come in now!" I heard her yell through her door.I walked over to the door and looked around the door before letting my body fully enter the room.

"So um,make your self at home,again.....if you want,again.Um I dont really have people in my room.Winter really dosent even come in here."She said,noticing that I was looking around in aw.Her room was amazing,and I know that that probably makes me sound gay but just the victorian style of everything is magnificent! God I do sound gay.

"Your room!" I exclaimed,not able to finish my thought.

"Its weird isent it?See this is exactly why I dont let people in here." She said,looking down at her feet and started messing with one of her fingers.

"No! No not at all! I get that this makes me sound gay but your room is magnificent! Your whole house is magnificent! This whole victorian theam you have going here,its brilliant!" I exclaimed,excitement slowly creeping into my voice.She looked up,obviously just as excited as I was and smiled.

"You really like it?" She asked hopefully.

"This must sound REALLY gay but I think im in love with your house." I stated,running a hand along her head bord.

She chuckled and closed one of her drawers in her black dresser.

"Okay,lets go get Winters stuff." Belle said,walking past me and out her door,then entering on across the hall.I followed shortly after,closing the door behind me and drank in Winters room.

It was very simple.It was the same size as Belle's but her room was theamed red and was not as,styled as Belle's.


Going over to the large wardrobe in the corner,Belle grabbed a blue duffle bag and began stuffing clothes into it.After the wardrobe was pretty much empty,she went over to the dresser and started to do the same thing.Sliding the last draw close,Belle turned to me.

"Ready to go?" She asked,slinging the duffle bag over her other tiny shoulder,her other one being occupied by her black one.I notice her start to sway from the weight of both the bags on her tiny frame.

"No,let me take one of those,your tiny enough as it is,we dont need you sinking to the floor." I said and took Winters duffle bag before she could protest.She reached for it but gave up after realizing that I was way to tall for her to take it and huffed instead.

"Sammy!" Deans deep voice yelled for me,dripping with worry.

"Guess we should get going?" She said and walked out of the room,running down her marble stairs.I giggled and followed in her footsteps,except I all most feel....twice.

"Not so graceful and this little cat huh Sammy?" Dean said tauntingly as he wrapped his arm around Belles shoulders.

"Would suggest you remove your arm Dean." Belle said as menacingly as she could.

"Or what sweet heart?" Dean said,shrugging off her growl.

"Or this." Belle stated simply and turned out of Deans grasp and took his arm behind his back,bending his arm so far that he could have touched his shoulder blade if he wanted to.

"Ow ow ow okay,you can let go now! I wont do that again!" Dean cried out in pain and surprise.Belle reluctantly let go of his arm.As he moved his arm it popped and me and Belle burst into laughter.

"Come on.We need to get back." Dean said,angerly stalking off.We followed behind him giggling to ourselfes and reclaiming our seats from when we drove here after putting the duffle bags in the trunk.

"Were coming Winter." I heard Belle whisper in herself before falling asleep.

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