Saving Grace

Two mysterious younger girls join Dean and Sam in hunting demons. Later they find out that they are the daughters of a hunter John used to hunt with(Who is now deceased). They meet up while they happen to be hunting the same thing. They stick together because one of the girls get hurt and the boys feel guilty and want to make sure they're okay, since they insist on continuing hunting. Dean is skeptical,Sam is worried for the girls.Its a whole big mess.And what happens when a certain girl falls for a certain guy?What happens when a certain guy falls for a already taken girl?If your interested read on.If not then please just leave!!Thanks!


1. Off to Montana to set Shit on fire.

"So,do you feel like talking or am I going to have to have to spill your favorite liquid on you again.That liquid,of course,being holy water." My sister,Winter,spoke to the demon,um Amon,i think was his name.

"I wont  say shit,and You aint gon' do shit." Amon said.God he was annoying.He chose a black rapper for a vessel. Dont get me wrong.I love black people and what not,but the way he was talking was seriously getting on my nerves.

"Are you sure about that?" Winter asked like she was talking to a five year old.

"Perfectly."Amon said and spit in her face.

"Fine." Winter stated simply and wiped the spit from her face.

"Belle,the switch?"

"With pleasure.God,you know Amon,you really need to learn how to shut the fuck up!"

"You know what bit-AAAAHHHHH" He was cut off by several sprinklers coming down from our ceiling and going off with holy water. Hehe I built that (Insert Grinch smile here :3).

Winter sighed and went into the study were it would be quieter to talk.I knew that was my que to follow,because i knew she had found a job. As I entered,I shut the door as Winter sat down on the couch and I stood in the corner.

"Alright so,oh for fucksake would you sit down?Your making me nervous."

"I cant." I mumbled in a small voice.



"What?Why not?Oh,don't tell me...You did didn't you?"


"Oh my god you did!You fucking got your anti-possession symbol tattooed on you butt!"

"Its like,the only place  a demon cant burn it off!!! I was trying to be smart!"

"Oh my god Belle.There are plenty of other places!"

"Okay,fair enough.What do you have?"

"Uuhhh lets see. Weve got um a ghost in Kansas,Demonic omens in Ohio,Rugaru hunt in Montana.This shit is seriously backed up,the list goes on.So what do you want to do?"

"Ooo,I vote Rugaru. Im always up for setting shit on fire."

"Girl do you know how long of a drive that is?We live in fucking FLORIDA! Thats a damn Week drive!I dont know if Sugar can make it there.I don't want my baby getting hurt."

"Oh god Winter!Shes a car!"

"Hey! Dont use that word!And chooses another job,Im not making Sugar go that far."

"Look. I'm always up for a great drive with my lovely Older sister,and we can get Sugar checked out first thing when we get there,okay? I promise.I'll do it my self. And plus I reeeeaaaallllyyyy want to set shit on fire!"

"Oh my god fine.But if Sugar ends up needing fixed really bad and you cant pay for it,don't come crawling to me."

"Okay fine."

"Alright.So I guess go pack your shit and meet me in my baby in ten."

"Ohey!" I yelled and ran to my room past the still screaming demon.

"Okay,lets see what do I need,what do I need? Okay first I need my duffle bag. Okay now you put cloths in your bag then your weapons.Okay good.All done.Now off to meet Winter!" I said to my self.Whaaattt? Lots of people do it!

"Ready to go kiddo?" Winter asked as I got into the car.

"Yep.Let go to Montana to set shit on fire!"

"Haha,yes,off to go set shit on fire." Winter said and sped off.

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