Saving Grace

Two mysterious younger girls join Dean and Sam in hunting demons. Later they find out that they are the daughters of a hunter John used to hunt with(Who is now deceased). They meet up while they happen to be hunting the same thing. They stick together because one of the girls get hurt and the boys feel guilty and want to make sure they're okay, since they insist on continuing hunting. Dean is skeptical,Sam is worried for the girls.Its a whole big mess.And what happens when a certain girl falls for a certain guy?What happens when a certain guy falls for a already taken girl?If your interested read on.If not then please just leave!!Thanks!


2. Meeting The Boys

"Ugg!Damn it! Winter! A little help please? I dont feel like getting eaten alive today!" I yelled for my sister,who was in an upstairs room of the house,serching for the rugaru that I had all ready found,from the kitchen wall.She had the damn lighter so I couldent set the thing on fire (insert grumpy cat face here).

"Fuck!" I heard Winter yell.What the hell just happend?

"Im-im so sorry!" I heard Winter yell at me in tears.What .The .Hell. Just. Happend?

"Watch your eyes!" I heard a deep voice yell,and then the pressure around my shoulders was gone.I opend my eyes to see a very ugly rugaru on fire,and two very pretty men a safe distace behind him,holding a can of hairspray and a lighter.Hey wait...thats Winters lighter and hairspray......

"Who the hell are you guys?Hey wait that was my rugaru to set on fire!Not fair bitches!"I yelled at them.

"Were Sam and Dean Winchester.I guess we were on the same hunt huh?" The one with the longer hair said.

Yeah I guess so." I said awkwardly and then rememberd Winter wasent in the room with me.Leaving Sam and Deeeaann (?) hanging,I ran into parlor and to the stairs to check on Winter.When I reached the staircase,I could vegly see Winter curled up in a ball towards the top of the stairs.Damn I need new contacts.

"Winter?" I called up the stairs and then decided to run up to her insted of waiting for a answer.

"Winter?"I asked again when I reached her.

"Belle?" She asked bringing her head up.I nodded my head.

"Oh my god your okay!" She yelled and hugged my leg.

"Yeah,but obviously your not.What happened?"I asked and knelled down in front of her.

"I um,I think I broke my foot and leg.I cant move it at all.I heard you call and then I came running down the stairs and..I just,I dont know.I tripped or something."She said looking at her leg then back to me.

"Okay,well,we'll take you in to get it X-rayed or something.Then I'll work on Sugar for you okay?"

"No.I'm not-" I cut her off because I was not in the mood to argue with her right now.Whet?I just almost got eaten AND I didnt get to set my rugaru on fire.

"I dont care what you say,im taking you to the hospital.Come on fatso lets get you up and out of here.


"I DONT CARE!I.DONT.CARE! Mom and Dad told me to look after you because they knew that you were the reckless one so thats what I'm doing.Im takeing care of you,weather you like it or not." I said with a huff as I tryed to pull her up.

"Jesus your heavy!" I exclaimed.

"Do you want me to help?" A deep voice sounded from behind me.I turned to see,Dean (? God I really need to remember his name.) looking down at me because even though he was on the stair below me he was still taller than me.

"No" "Yes" Me and Winter said at the same time.

"Yes." I said again and gave Winter a "Shut up before I punch you" look.Winter just glared at me.

"Okay." He said and scooped Winter up in his arms bridal style.

"Put me down you big turkey shit!"She yelled at started banging on his chest.

"Oh sweetheart,I dont think Miss.Belle here would like it if I did that."

"Oh my god fine! Just know that im not happy! With either of you! Belle.Call Kellin for me will ya?Tell me what happend.Oh,and who the hell are you two?"Winter asked,turning to the boys.

"Im Dean,"The one carrying Winter said.Yaaasss I got it right!!!

"and thats Sam."He said nodding twords Sam.

"Wait,like,Winchester?Sam and Dean Winchester?"

"Yeah,howed you know?"Sam asked.

"My Dad used to hunt with yours.You remember his hunting buddy dont ya?James Cummings?"

"Oh yeah!Our Dad used to talk about him all the time.He never minuend you guys though."Sam said looking confused and shut the door to the house after we all walked out.

"Same with our Dad." I mumbled behind him.

"OH MY GOD!IS THAT YOUR CAR?ITS GORGES!!" We heard Dean exclaim and looked up to see him,with Winter still in his arms,running twards Sugar.Winter hit him in the chest.(XD)


"Dont call her that!"


"The C word."

"What?A ca-"Before he could finish,Winter put her hand over his mouth.

"Just shut up and put me in my baby."She said,struggling against his tight hold.

"No can do sweetheart.See your cute little sister up there asked me for help,and when a Doll like herself wants help,she probably should get it," He said looking up at me,little old blushing like therse no tomorrow me,who was still on the porch.

"So what Im gunna do is put you in the back seat Of my baby with MY little brother Sam,and he obviously likes you so you two are going to talk,and plus hes good with this medical stuff so hes going to look at your leg."

"But,but,what about Sugar?"

"I'll take her!" I volunteered all to quickly and ran down the steps of the porch.

"Keys." I said and stuck out my hand for her to give me the keys in.

"Calm down spazz.Here." She said and gave the keys to me.

" Thanks!" I called as I got into the car and started it up,putting in my Pierce The Veil Collide With The Sky album in,Hell Above's guitar solo starting up and then I began singing/screaming when necessary along with Vic.


"See your just wasted and thinking about the past again.Darling you'll be okay." Vic and I sang.Damn it was like he was really here.See Vic is like,My best friend.So is Kellin,from Sleeping With Sirens,but were not as close as me and Vic are.Vic is like my older brother and he says that Im like his little sister.

"Finally! Were thew hell have you been?Your sister is in getting a cast now but she can go home after that.She'll be in a wheel chair for four weeks and the cast for about 2 months."Dean said standing up and pointing to her room.

"Wow.Thats a long time.Im not going to be having fun.Hunting by my self,yay." I said sarcastically.

"You wont be by yourself."He said.

"What do you mean?I dont have anybody else."I said confused.

"Well,me and Sammy here decided that you two are going to be staying with us.It can be as long term or as short term as you like,the shortest being 2 months of corse." He said,Sam standing up and joining us at his brothers side.

"We promise we wont get into your personal life or anything.We just,we feel bad for letting one of you guys get hurt and separating you two vulnerable to anything and everything out there.And seeing as though you obviously arent going to stop hunting wail your sister is hurt,the least we could do is hunt with you." Sam said looking down at me.Damn im really short.....I mean damnit Dean is shorter than Sam and I still have to look up at him!

"Okay fine.We could use the company any way.Just let me drive down to my house and grab some of mine and Winters things."

"Okay.Be safe."Sam said looking at me sternly.

"I will be.I'll see you guys in a week.Wait were will we be meeting up at?Nevermind,we'll figure out something.Bye!"I exclaimed,turning and walking twards the door.That was ,untill,I felt someone grab my arm and spin me

"Wait a second sweetheart.You said a week.Were the hell do you live?"

"Um,Florida...." I said looking down.

"Well Sammy,it looks like were going to Florida.Come on sweetheart,I'll drive." Dean said walking out the door,Sammy hot on his tail wail I stood there in astonishment.Damn Dean was cute.

"On ward to Florida." I mumbled to my self and walked out the door.

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