Saving Grace

Two mysterious younger girls join Dean and Sam in hunting demons. Later they find out that they are the daughters of a hunter John used to hunt with(Who is now deceased). They meet up while they happen to be hunting the same thing. They stick together because one of the girls get hurt and the boys feel guilty and want to make sure they're okay, since they insist on continuing hunting. Dean is skeptical,Sam is worried for the girls.Its a whole big mess.And what happens when a certain girl falls for a certain guy?What happens when a certain guy falls for a already taken girl?If your interested read on.If not then please just leave!!Thanks!


5. Damn it Kellin.

Winter's POV

Reaching the gates of the house I made the decision to go through the back door to avoid the worried stairs of Sam and Dean and hopefully make it up the stairs without belle noticing too,but that all went to hell with the demon I last exorcised.As I pulled around back to park my baby,I saw Dean was working on his since it had gotten pretty beat up from the last ghost we hunted.

"Joyest of joys."I mumbled sarcastically to myself as I got out and tryed to hide my tears the best I could by ducking my head and letting my hair fall in front of my face.

"You alright sweet heart!?" Dean called to me as I heard the clanking of a metal tool fall onto a hard surface.

"Mhm." I simply hummed back.I didnt dare try to speak.

"Yell if you need anything!" He called back,the tone of his voice dripping with suspicion.I simply nodded and walked through our back door,hoping Sam was reading and Belle was in the pool.

"Hey,how'd everything go?" I heard Belle say from behind me.

"It went okay." I said with fake enthusiasm,which apparently wasn't enough.

"Are you sure?" She asked with the same suspicious tone that Dean had.

"Yes,im positive."I slightly growled,feeling the left over pain of betrayal and frustration rise up to form my current dominate emotion.

"Okay,sorry.Do you want a sandwich?" She asked timidly,I almost never got mad at her.

Damn you Kellin,I hate you I hate you I HATE YOU! Look at what you made me do you prick! I internally screamed at the man I once loved.The man that I once thought I was going to marry and the man that I swore I would do anything for.

I turned around slightly and pulled a fake smile.

"No thanks love.I think I might go upstairs and do some research or maybe update my one of my stories. Thanks for the lovely offer though."I spoke quickly but carefully so is not to give any indication that I was upset.

"Okay,maybe later." She said more happily this time.

"Yeah,later." I said and hurried out of the kitchen and up one of the stair cases.I felt as though I was going to cry again,and was thankful for when I made it to my room.For a moment.

As soon as I had opened my door,I saw Sam sitting at my desk,my book on Indian folk lore open to a random page in his massive hands.A gasp escaped my lips as I saw him unexpectedly in my room and he jumped at the sudden sound.

"Oh,Winter im so sorry I didnt know-Are you okay?" Sam asked,jumping up from where he was seated and slowly made his way twards me.

"Uh,yeah im fine?" I ment to say but it came out more like a question.

"Winter," He started out slower this time. "Are you okay?"

Thats when I broke down.Shaking my head furiously,I fell into Sam's arms and began to sob into his chest.

"No Sammy,im not okay.Im not okay." I wailed into his chest as i felt his warm arms wrap around my thin frame and pull me closer to him.

"Its okay,let it out.Tell me what happened." He cooed in my ear as he rubbed soothing circles on my back.

"He-he cheated on me Sammy.He cheated on me with a prettier girl.Sammy I loved him! Why dosent he love me???" I cried harder into his chest as he hugged me tighter.

Sam's POV

Hearing Winter cry into my chest hurt,but what killed me was her thinking that the slut that that man whore cheated on with her was prettier then her broke me.

"Winter,I can garentie you that skank is NOT prettier than you.You are the most beautiful girl that I have ever met."I said,looking deep into her beautiful blue eyes.

"There is absolutely nothing beautiful about me and thats a promise."She said,shifting her glance down so that she wouldent have to look at my hurt expression that I could feel forming on my face.

"Your wrong." I whispered simply.

"Oh yeah?Then tell me.Tell me whats so beautiful about me Sammy."She replied sarcastically.

"Your eyes." I could tell I had caught her off guard by replying,but I didnt care."There so blue,you instintly get lost in them.There like looking at the ocean.And your nose,its so cute and small.Its perfect for your face.Your hair,its so beautiful,especially when it matches your eyes.I love the way it sticks up in diffrent places when you first wake up.I love your short little arms,especially when your trying to beat me to a book on a high shelf and I win.I love love your lips.How beautifuly colored they are and how soft they seem." I saw her blush at this.

"I love the way you blush,and how your entire cheeks turn pink but nothing else.I love your laugh,and how melodic it is.I love every part of you Winter.You are perfect and amazing and beautiful." I finished out and looked down,afraid of what she would say.But she didnt say anything.

I felt a small hand on my chin tug at it to lift it up and as I gave way I was met with a soft pair of lips.I was shocked at first and didnt kiss back as Winter wanted me to.As I felt her pull away and hang her head,I took it as my turn to pull her chin up.I slowly placed my thumb and pointer finger on her chin and lifted it back up with ease.

"What are you doing?" Winter whispered timidly.

"This." I whispered back simply before connecting our lips softly. She kissed back instinly,all haste removed from her body.She wrapped her arms around my neck and I wrapped mine around her waist.

"Wait." She said,slowly sliding her arms from my neck and backing up a bit.

"Whats wrong?" I asked,already missing her in my hold.

"Me...and Kellin.Im sorry Sammy,but if we start something now,your just going to be a distraction and I cant have that.I care about you to much to do that to you.Im sorry Sam."She whispered the last part.

"No,no its okay.I understand."I lied.I didnt understand.Eventually I wouldnt be a distraction any more and she would love me right?She would be able to see that.Right?

"Damn it Kellin."She whispered to her self.

"Yeah,damn it Kellin." I mumbled and walked out of her room into my own.

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