Legends from the Crypt and Back {Do you dare look behind you?~}

This book is a collection of scary stories and urban legends of the unknown and the undead. Some are legends that I’ve heard and want to tell you, but some are also stories from my own… creative… mind. I won’t tell you which ones are true and which ones are fictional, so you’ll have to figure out for yourself. Hopefully, if they're true, you won't get a visit tonight.~



3. The Legend of the Wright Brothers

Legend of the Wright Brothers


A long time ago, three brothers, triplets, lived together in a grand mansion in the countryside with their father and mother. The first brother, David, was strong and loved to wrestle around and pretend to have super powers. The second brother, Travis, was shy and creative, and had a love for the arts of music and drawing. The third brother, Victor, was an inventor, who always had new ideas for machines.


All three always got along and stood by each other through everything, but one day, an evil spirit was discovered in their house by their mother. She walked in on the spirit who was about to kill her sons and screamed. The spirit killed her instead. At the sight of their dead mother, the three brothers seemed to change.


Victor, the third brother, became frightened that the spirit would try to hurt the rest of their family, so he tried inventing a machine that could capture ghosts and spirits. However, when the spirit found out of this plan, it went into Victor's mind and made him go mad, making Victor jump into the machine, killing him within seconds.


Later, Travis's girlfriend and soon to be wife, Holly, died from an unknown illness that he soon found out was the spirit killing her by poison. This broke Travis even more and made him go crazy after losing his mother, brother, and now love of his life. He drowned himself in the lake during the winter that him and Holly always loved to go to.


David became depressed after losing both his brothers, but started to realize that maybe all the incidents were connected. He began studying and learning about spirits and such then decided to face the evil spirit by going into the basement and finding the secret room where the spirit's body was. When he did, he didn't count on what the spirit would do. The spirit possessed David, making him go insane, but he wasn't going to allow the spirit to live on and keep hurting people, so grabbed the body, ran back upstairs quickly, then jumped into the old, but rather large, fireplace, making the body and himself burn.


The father had been bed ridden with a deadly sickness after his wife was killed and when he found out that all three of his sons were also dead, he stopped eating and taking his medicine. He died a couple weeks later, hoping to join his family.


News of the events with the Wrights travelled around the world, and soon rumours of the triplets started to spread. The biggest one was that the three insane brothers haunted the castle after their death. No one believed this pf course, until one night.


A group of teens decided to dare each other to go up and spend four nights in the mansion, one night in each of the three brother's rooms along with one night in the parent's. The group of six split into pairs and each spent the nights in the rooms.


On the first night, the two that slept in David's room, started screaming and ran to the second room, saying a man wearing a mask, gloves, and dark clothes appeared in the room and tried to attack them as his hands lit on fire. The couple in David's room decided to sleep in the front room


On the second night, the pair in Travis's room started screaming and yelling for help before running into the front room with the first two. They said that a man with blue skin and clothes drenched in freezing water appeared in the room and tried to attack them as he whispered "Cold... So cold..."

The couple from Travis's room decided to sleep with the first pair in the front room.


On the third night, the couple in Victor's room did the same as the first two pairs and ran from the scene. They explained that a man who was all cut up and had metal sticking out of him along with sparks of electricity coming off of him appeared before them and tried to attack them. The friends, thinking it was just a prank, decided to sleep together in the last room. The parent's room.


In the middle of the night, the friends awoke to see the drenched man banging on the window before the first man broke down the door and the third man crawled out from under the bed and tried to grab them. The group screamed as they tried to find away out, but they were trapped. One of them was grabbed and dragged away, his friends tried saving him by grabbing him and pulling him back, but the three were stronger and disappeared with him.


The friends ran out of the mansion and to the police station where they told their story of their meeting with the three ghosts. The police didn't believe them and told them to just go back home. The next day, the group found their friend laying in front of the house drenched in water and with a mask on his face. When they lifted the mask, they saw he had no eyes and that his face had been either burnt by electricity or fire. Written in either blood or red paint on the inside of the mask were the words: "STAY OUT OF OUR MANSION"


The story of the friends spread quickly and the people of the town soon realized that the three who attacked the teens must have been the three brothers. The town became known for the story of the ghostly brothers and people from all around would come and see the mansion and hear the story, but soon more attacks started up and all witnesses would say something about three men who looked like the brothers.


The urban legend became popular to use on teenagers who would sneak out at night, since a lot of people would have to walk by the mansion on their way to the next town that had all the restaurants and such.


Most people don't believe the story of the three brothers, because it seems too scary, but some don't believe in it because of how "unrealistic" it is.


Because, what three teens would want to capture the thing that killed their mother and come back from the dead to try and keep everyone out of their mansion?

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