Legends from the Crypt and Back {Do you dare look behind you?~}

This book is a collection of scary stories and urban legends of the unknown and the undead. Some are legends that I’ve heard and want to tell you, but some are also stories from my own… creative… mind. I won’t tell you which ones are true and which ones are fictional, so you’ll have to figure out for yourself. Hopefully, if they're true, you won't get a visit tonight.~



2. Edmund the Undead Puppet

Edmund the Undead Puppet


    A long time ago there was a young man around the age of eighteen who loved to make puppets and wooden dolls for people. His little brother, Andrew, who was only a year younger than him, loved Edmund’s creations and would help him by making clothes for the figures. Edmund was ecstatic that his brother like helping him with his work, and they both soon became famous off their creations. People would come into their small workshop and buy the unique dolls for a good price, which made the brothers even happier. The two worked together with joy, until that day.


    Edmund came home from his workshop early, and found a horrific sight. Laying on the floor in his and Andrew’s bedroom was none other than Andrew himself. He ran over to his brother and started shaking him then quickly checked to see if he was breathing. When he realized that his brother was dead, tears streamed down his cheeks. Young Andrew had committed suicide, Edmund found out from a note on Andrew’s desk, because people kept bullying him and beating him up at school about him and his brother making dolls and toys for people. Andrew was always afraid to tell his big brother, since he was having so much fun and making so much money at the workshop.


    The older teen was broken. He held the note close to his heart then layed down next to his dead brother who still had blood pouring from the hole in his head. When their parents arrived home and found them, Edmund explained that Andrew had killed himself  in a soft tone that they had never heard before. It sounded as if he was gasping for breath, almost as if he was also shot…


    The woodsman wasn’t the same since. After Andrew’s funeral, he closed down the shop and started destroying the puppets and dolls, all except one that hung in the back room of their workshop. A human like puppet that was as tall as a normal man, but didn’t look normal. It was a decoration for Halloween that wore torn clothes and was missing one eye and half of his smile. Edmund left the puppet there since it was the doll Andrew most cherished.


    Rumors started getting around about Andrew’s death. The biggest one, was that it was Edmund’s fault, that he drove him to madness with his creations, that he made Andrew kill himself. This broke him down ever so more. The young man stopped eating and would just sit in his room all day with his back to the door and his face towards the wall as he murmured his brother’s name over and over.


As the rumor grew, everyone started to believe it. So Edmund was sent to trial for the murder of Andrew Wright. Edmund had nothing left in him, just the hatred for all those who accused him of murdering the person who was the most dear to him. Instead of pleading not guilty, Edmund lied and said that he did drive Andrew to suicide. Everyone was shocked at this, but he just smiled, because he had a plan.


    Just before he was hanged, Edmund grinned and looked to the crowd before him. He chuckled darkly, making some get goosebumps. He told them in a loud, but dark tone:


“You say to me a monster I am, for you say I killed my brother, but in the near future, my name will be most remembered not by Andrew’s death that I had no pleasure finding, but by the names of all those that will perish by the strings of my spirit. That will pleasure me so.”


    With that, the black hood was placed over his grinning face, and the floor beneath him dropped, making Edmund take his final breath before his neck snapped and he was gone. The people of their small village were relieved that sweet Andrew’s killer was gone, but still they worried, for Edmund’s last words were quite unusual. They pondered on his words and started to think nothing of it, until a week later when the attacks began.


    The first attack was on a teenage girl who was with her friends out on a midnight walk. They had been strolling along on the country road towards their home after going to the next town’s market. The three girls had heard a scratching and rustling sound behind them for a while as they walked, but thought nothing of it, until one of the girls dropped something without realizing it for a while. The other two girls said that when their friend realized that what she dropped was gone, she told them to stay and she hurried back up and over the hill path. As they waited, they started hearing the rustling again, but then they heard a scream.


    The two girls ran back up the path and froze at the sight. Their friend was laying on the ground in a puddle of blood with a man standing over her. He wore a shredded and torn jacket over his smooth body and tattered and ripped pants, but what they also noticed was that their were strings hanging off of his limbs and that he was missing an eye, but the socket still glowed. The man grinned at them and suddenly vanished.


    The friends ran over to the girl on the ground and asked her what happened. The bloody girl looked straight up and said in a deep voice:


“Edmund the Undead Puppet has returned…”


    After those words, the girl’s head rolled off, making the other two see that she had been decapitated. They both screamed and ran to the town to tell everyone what happened.


    Soon, more incidents like the girl’s started happening, but they weren’t just to teenagers, they were to anyone. All the witnesses of the attacks would describe the creature in the same way about his tattered appearance. Only one, a young boy named Victor, who saw the demon up close got to see what he truly looked like. He stated:


“His jacket and trousers are torn, this is true, but his body is made of wood. A string attached to each limb is like that of a puppet to make it move. But no one is controlling it. It controls itself, for it truly must be Edmund.”


    The creature was then called Edmund the Undead Puppet, or just Edmund, after the toy maker who loved his brother so much. Stories of Edmund have been passed on through generations and has changed a bit to try and scare people more, but all we truly know is that he was never caught. Hundreds of the villagers tried to hunt Edmund down and kill him, but it was no use. He was too quick and he always got the best of them in the end.


    What’s strange about his story is that he goes after certain people. He goes after those who are mean to others, who lie and gamble with life, and after those who don’t appreciate everything they are blessed with. He lost his brother to those who didn’t care about others, so he’ll take away the people dear to them, so they can break down and die inside, just as Edmund did when he lost Andrew.

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