McCreadies Gold

Set in Glasgow; Tynemouth and Australia - it tells of a merchant seaman who is estranged from his wife and two sons after their divorce in 1908. His wife Edna moves to Glasgow where she brings up her two children in the Gorbals a notorious slum. Her son Allan is killed during the war but Robert fails a medical and works as a shipyard welder. he meets Patricia and they get married. They have two sons Robert Jr and James. they go to live in the newly built Red Road Tower Block.
Robert receives a phone call telling him that his father has died and that he must go to London where the will is to be read. He is left a key to a safe deposit box and the deeds to a house in Tynemouth. what he reads in the letter will take him and his two sons halfway across the world on an adventure.
McCreadies Gold is definitely one to read.


7. 7

“Don’t worry; some nice man is going to sweep you off your feet and you will find happiness I’m sure.

Robert paid the bill then escorted Eleanor back to her seat.

Eleanor looked at her watch and said well that killed an hour or so; they chatted away until the train pulled in at Kings Cross Station.

Robert took down Eleanor’s case then grabbed his holdall.

When they got off the train Eleanor gave him a card with her name and phone number she thanked him for the meal and told him that next time it would be her turn to pay.

Robert watched as she walked through the turnstile and was lost in the crowd as they hurried out of the station.

He picked up the hold all and walked towards the exit.

Once outside he hailed a hackney cab to take him to Shaw and Kerr Solicitors.

 He checked in at reception where the he was told to take the lift as Mr Robinson was expecting him. Once inside the lift he pushed the button for the fourth floor; the doors opened and he looked right the left until he saw a door with Albert Robinson QC on it. He knocked then waited.


Albert got out of his seat and went to the door and greeted Robert.

“Please take a seat Mr McCreadie.”

He opened a file on his desk and began to read the last will and testament that his father had signed. “He was told about the property that he now owned and he was given an unopened letter addressed to him from his father along with a key to a safe deposit box. Robert signed for the deeds to the house and some personal possessions.

He came down in the lift and was still in shock, he undid the button on his shirt and loosened his tie he walked to St James Park and sat down on a bench and took out the letter his father had left him.

He slid his finger along the envelope and took out the letter and began to read it.


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