McCreadies Gold

Set in Glasgow; Tynemouth and Australia - it tells of a merchant seaman who is estranged from his wife and two sons after their divorce in 1908. His wife Edna moves to Glasgow where she brings up her two children in the Gorbals a notorious slum. Her son Allan is killed during the war but Robert fails a medical and works as a shipyard welder. he meets Patricia and they get married. They have two sons Robert Jr and James. they go to live in the newly built Red Road Tower Block.
Robert receives a phone call telling him that his father has died and that he must go to London where the will is to be read. He is left a key to a safe deposit box and the deeds to a house in Tynemouth. what he reads in the letter will take him and his two sons halfway across the world on an adventure.
McCreadies Gold is definitely one to read.


37. 37

Rob found more wood for the fire then took the oil lamp with him and found a spot where he could survey the camp. He had his rifle and he reaffixed the sight so he could see anything moving during the night. He applied the mossie and midge cream to the exposed parts of his skin; then sat with his back to a rock.

He could hear every sound in the stillness of the night and even imagined sounds.

Rob got up and walked around to stop himself from falling asleep. Then he came back and re-read his book on survival in the outback by Reginald Foggarty who had survived by drinking his own urine and eating ants after getting lost in the outback.

He lost two stones in weight and was severely dehydrated. His kidneys were damaged but the doctors said that he would make a full recovery in about a month. He was recued helicopter searching for him by using his red jogging shorts to make a SOS sign. The book proved very valuable to him since they had set off for Mount Barren; he had picked up many tips and hunting techniques from the book; especially how to find water.

It was 3am in the morning when Rob woke James to do his watch. James rubbed his eyes as he made his way to where Robert had sat.

“James keep walking around or you will drift off to sleep.

“Here read this it will help you if anything should happen to me; it could mean the difference between life and death.

James walked around the camp for a half an hour until he was fully awake then sat down to read the book.


It was seven o’clock when James woke everyone; again they packed up their gear.

They used powdered milk to put on the muesli they ate before setting off for the highest part of their journey.

Rob picked up pieces of rock as they climbed then examined them for signs of excavation; there were signs that men had been here over the years as some of the rocks had some caves and small seams where gold prospectors had dug out looking for precious metal. There were a lot of iron deposits within the rock too. Rob knew that he was on the right trail.

They climbed steadily up wards using the ropes and pinning rocks with camming devices that opened if a climber fell preventing him from falling to his death. They also used a screw gate and locking karabiners. They had two different types of ropes. A treated top rope which was a single 60m stretchy one used for lead falls and a semi static rope for hauling and abseiling. They were all wearing a hard helmet in case of falling rocks as well as four gear loop harnesses. Rob set his passive pro to 1.10 of wired nuts with Hex styled chocks. This was going to be a lot harder to climb than the other two that they had just scaled.

Rob led the way as usual pinning the rocks as he went; then when he reached a ledge he waited whilst the next climber came up and so on until they were all safe.


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