McCreadies Gold

Set in Glasgow; Tynemouth and Australia - it tells of a merchant seaman who is estranged from his wife and two sons after their divorce in 1908. His wife Edna moves to Glasgow where she brings up her two children in the Gorbals a notorious slum. Her son Allan is killed during the war but Robert fails a medical and works as a shipyard welder. he meets Patricia and they get married. They have two sons Robert Jr and James. they go to live in the newly built Red Road Tower Block.
Robert receives a phone call telling him that his father has died and that he must go to London where the will is to be read. He is left a key to a safe deposit box and the deeds to a house in Tynemouth. what he reads in the letter will take him and his two sons halfway across the world on an adventure.
McCreadies Gold is definitely one to read.


31. 31

“I think we are all more clued up now than we were when we first set out Rob, “can I call you that because it is confusing with your father being called Robert too.

“Yes by all means;

“Right we must stick together when climbing because we do not want any accidents.

Call out if you see rock like this one.

They made their assent up the mountain carrying rucksacks with food and water with ropes and other climbing equipment they also brought the picks and shovels and the rifles which Rob and his brother carried. The mountain was 3.497 feet high and would take the climbers about four hours to climb. They helped each other up the side of the mountain where other climbers had tread before. They look for caves on the way up but found nothing to indicate that there was gold present.

Robert used his pick to shift some of the flat ground then removed some of the smaller rocks but he drew a blank when he examined them.

They reached the summit at three o’clock that afternoon the heat of the sun was baring down on them so they all sat down and took in some food and water.

“Well it looks like we drew a blank again Rob said Becky.”

“At least we can rule them out.

Dad have you got that riddle again, can I look at it?”

Robert took the letter from his wallet and handed it to his son.

“Now listen carefully we may be missing something in the clue my Grandfather left for us to work out.


Travel by air or sea

To a land down under you will be.


We know that’s Australia.

A barren place where reptiles survive


This is not barren is it; there is a road?


Fifty licks west you have arrived.


Maybe we should look for a barren place like a dessert.

Rob took out the map and spread it on the ground and looked.

“Eleanor spoke maybe it’s not a dessert at all he wrote that to throw others off the scent look here?

They all looked down at the map at where Eleanor was pointing at.

Staring back at them was Mount Barren.

“Eleanor you little beauty, said Rob. He grabbed her and kissed her.

“Eleanor smiled then looked a Rob with a glint in her eye; she threw her hair back then blushed as Rob stared back at her.

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