McCreadies Gold

Set in Glasgow; Tynemouth and Australia - it tells of a merchant seaman who is estranged from his wife and two sons after their divorce in 1908. His wife Edna moves to Glasgow where she brings up her two children in the Gorbals a notorious slum. Her son Allan is killed during the war but Robert fails a medical and works as a shipyard welder. he meets Patricia and they get married. They have two sons Robert Jr and James. they go to live in the newly built Red Road Tower Block.
Robert receives a phone call telling him that his father has died and that he must go to London where the will is to be read. He is left a key to a safe deposit box and the deeds to a house in Tynemouth. what he reads in the letter will take him and his two sons halfway across the world on an adventure.
McCreadies Gold is definitely one to read.


14. 14

Once inside the jewellers Robert asked if he could see the manager.

“I am the manager sir, how can I help you. Yes I would like this to be valued please. Robert took out the gold nugget then handed it to the manager.

“Wow! that is some piece of gold you have there; can I ask how you acquired it?”

 “It was left to me by my father.”

“The man left the room for a moment then returned with a set of scales he carefully set the nugget down on the scales then placed a pound weight on the other side then began to add weight to it until the scale balanced.

“You have 22 ounces of gold there sir and the current rate is £1.500 pounds per ounce. So in my calculation you nugget is worth £33,000 thousand pounds.

“Are you looking to sell it sir as McGowan can arrange that for you?

“Yes I would be happy for you to do that.”

“There would be a small fee that we would charge for the disposal of your Gold of course said the manager.”

“I will just get the form for you to fill out.

Robert quickly filled out the form and signed it.

“We will have your cheque ready in say fourteen days is that alright with you Mr McCreadie?

“Fine thank you, I will call in then.

“The manager gave him a receipt and then Robert left the Jeweller shop.

Once inside the car he told his wife and sons how much the nugget was worth.

“What are we going to do with all that money, said Patricia?”

“Firstly I am going to retire from the shipyard then I’m going to try and find the rest of the gold my father has hidden. I hope that you will help me?

“Yes of course we will Da’

They drove to the bank where both Robert and James made a deposit into their accounts then they drove to an Esso Petrol Station and filled up before setting out for Tynemouth. They drove onto the motorway on the M37 until they reached Eyemouth where they stopped and had a cup of tea and a sandwich before carrying on to Berwick upon Tweed. It was another hour and three quarters away but the traffic was fairly light. They were driving through Bamburgh when Robert came to a bend in the road he had only go about two hundred yards when he saw a dog lying in the middle of the road. He came to a halt and they all got out of the car and went over to the dog.

“Is he dead asked Pat?

“No but I think he is exhausted the poor thing said Robert.

“Get the blanket from the boot son and we will take him to the vet.”

James Ran back to the car and took out the tartan blanket that they used for picnics.

 He wrapped the little dog in the blanket then sat with it in the back seat.

The little dog which looked like a cross between a Scottish terrier and a Cairn terrier was barely alive when they got it to the vet.

The little dog had no collar so they couldn’t trace the owner.

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