McCreadies Gold

Set in Glasgow; Tynemouth and Australia - it tells of a merchant seaman who is estranged from his wife and two sons after their divorce in 1908. His wife Edna moves to Glasgow where she brings up her two children in the Gorbals a notorious slum. Her son Allan is killed during the war but Robert fails a medical and works as a shipyard welder. he meets Patricia and they get married. They have two sons Robert Jr and James. they go to live in the newly built Red Road Tower Block.
Robert receives a phone call telling him that his father has died and that he must go to London where the will is to be read. He is left a key to a safe deposit box and the deeds to a house in Tynemouth. what he reads in the letter will take him and his two sons halfway across the world on an adventure.
McCreadies Gold is definitely one to read.


12. 12

I will pick you up at seven thirty from James house as he is closer so make sure you get there on time Robert okay?

“Yes dad I’ll be there.”

Right then that’s sorted; who’s for fish and chips from Mackay’s

Robert and James laughed then took the five pound note from their father then headed for the lift again.

 They reached the car and the kids were nowhere to be seen. The car was in one piece though. Mackay’s was just along the road and it was open most days until around twelve midnight. It did a roaring trade especially on a weekend.


“Fish and chips four times Carol; said Robert as he stepped into the shop and can we have mushy peas and curry sauce with that and a bottle of Irn Bru.

“Will yee be wantin’ Cod or haddock Rabbie?”

Come on now Carol I’ve been coming in this shop for over fifteen years; you know what I want.”

“Just checking Rabbie; your taste may have changed since you got an education.”

“My taste in fish and chips will never change darling.”

“Darling is it; yee wee scamp; don’t forget I knew yee when you had holes in the arse end your troosers.”

“Will yee be wantin’ scrapings wi your fish and chips as well?

“Wouldn’t be the same with out them would they.

“Carol turned to Molly who was standing in the queue.

“Would you listen to that?”

“Rabbie talkin’ wi a bag a marbles in his gob since he went to university an all.”

Carol took the scoop and scraped the batter from the hot plate then sprinkled it and the four separate parcels of fish and chips.

“That will be ten and six Rabbie.”

“Thank you; do you have a carrier bag to put them in?”

 “His majesty is wantin’ a carrier bag as well Molly; we wouldn’t want to spoil the leather upholstery in that fancy car yee have oot the front there would we.”

Carol bent under the counter and pulled out a Spar carrier bag then placed the order inside. She took a bottle of Irn Bru from the shelf and placed it on the counter.”

Robert gave her five pounds and waited for his change.

“Last of the big spenders as well Molly will yee look at that brand new five pound note that Rabbie just took oot his wallet made of crocodile skin.”

“Did you rob a bank on your way doon here?”

Robert ignored the comments as Carol pressed the button on the till and the cash drawer opened.

“Carol gave him his change all in coins of the lowest denomination.

“Do you not have any pound notes?”

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