Her Hidden Life

Anna is a normal seventeen year old girl. She has two overprotective parents, and two siblings who happen to be twins, Tara and Trevor. What happens when she runs into her idol Justin? Are they just friends, or are they more? What does Daddy have to say about his underaged daughter talking to this big celebrity?


12. The Day After

  Justin and I's night was more than amazing. My parents texted to let me know that they were going away for the weekend. I was totally okay with that. However I had to watch the twins. Or at least Tara. But she can keep secrets. So I'll introduce her to Justin. 


  I got everything ready do go and Justin grabbed some of his stuff. We drove my car to the house. I made sure no adults or trevor were there before bringing him in. I told Tara to close her eyes until I brought him in since she didn't know the secret she had to keep. I held Justin's hand and he had a hat and hoodie on to hide from anyone trying to snap pictures. As soon as we got in I closed the door and locked it. 


"Okay Tara. You are about to uncover your eyes and witness something that needs to stay between us. Okay?" She nodded and I told her to open her eyes. Justin bent down,  pulled his Hood off, and took his hat off. 


"Well hi there cutie, I'm Justin." He smiled and held his hand out to shake hers. She covered her mouth and slowly backed up. She shook her head and repeated the word "no," in disbelief. Justin looked at me with an unsure look. 


"Tara, he's a normal guy. Hes just like any of us." Then, Tara uncovered her mouth and slowly approached him. Once she was standing right in front of him, she put her hand up to his face to touch him and see if this was the real deal. Both of her hands were feeling his face. He just kneeled there and kept smiling knowing that she was just trying to make sense of this. She pulled her hands back and looked at me. She then ran to hide behind me. She peaked from behind my back to see if he was still looking at her. I pulled her out from behind me. "You're never this shy." 


"Its okay, she's just trying to gather her thoughts and feelings about this. She'all warm up eventually." Justin said in a sure tone. Her eyes turned to glass as he started to talk.


"Its really him... the guy on your wall... he's not an impersonator.?" She questioned. Justin stood up and figured that she'd believe us if he would sing. He sang an older song of his that all little girls know "One Less Lonely Girl." Of course his voice was more mature now, but you knew it was him even so. She started freaking out and crying. She ran up and hugged him. He hugged her back and I thought it was cute. As soon as that little episode was over and we were settled in, we started breaking it down to her that we are a couple. Yet again her hands covered her mouth. I always thought her expressions to things were cute and funny. 


"So you are boyfriend and girlfriend?"


"Yes." Justin answered. 


"So you love my sister?"


"Of course I do." He put his hand on my leg. I looked down and bit my lip. Her eyes widened because she knows what our parents would do if they found out that we were even talking. 


"But you have to keep this a secret Tara. Mom and dad would kill him, and then me." She agreed to that. "But if we are in my room and the door is shut you need to knock. You can hang out with us. Thats fine, but when we want to be alone if you need something, knock first." 




  We made lunch and ate together at the table. We hung out like we were a little family. Tara and Justin got along great. He played with her like she was his little sister. It was amazing. They made funny snap chats, vines, and videos for instagra. And he posted them to his sites. I love this man. He has managed to show me how to live. 


  Justin cooked dinner and at bedtime tucked Tara in. I took videos without him knowing. They even prayed together. I posted it to my instagram and captioned it "my life all in one room." Of course their backs were turned so there was no way for anyone to try and publicize it. After she was in bed, it was Justin and I time. Of course you could only imagine what that meant. But it was quiet since Tara was asleep in the room across the hall. We fell asleep.


  Its Saturday morning and Justin planned our day for us. He treated us to breakfast, we went to an arcade, a build a bear workshop to make a bear for Tara, and he took us to the beach amusement park. Tara was always holding his hand or on his shoulders. We had her wearing a hoodie and a partial face mask to disguise her so she wasn't posted all over the internet. Of course Justin has her on his social accounts, but no names were mentioned. at the end of the day he took her to a fancy kids store to buy a dress and low heels for dinner. She picked a cute little purple dress and white low heels. She looked so cute. We went for dinner at a beachside restaurant and went home. Tara fell asleep in the car, so when we got home Justin picked her up, carried her to her room, and put her in bed. I brought her stuff in and set it on the bedside table. We turned her nightlight on and quietly closed the door. We passed out not too long after that.

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