Her Hidden Life

Anna is a normal seventeen year old girl. She has two overprotective parents, and two siblings who happen to be twins, Tara and Trevor. What happens when she runs into her idol Justin? Are they just friends, or are they more? What does Daddy have to say about his underaged daughter talking to this big celebrity?


4. Sneaky

  My parents had their "talk" with me this morning. Usually our talks consist of them lecturing me, and their words going in one ear and out of the other. I'm not allowed leaving the house today, so it looks like I'm stuck in my room listening to Justins music today. Not like I could use my car today anyhow. I left my purse with Justin so my drivers licence is with him. I put on 'Boyfriend' and blasted it through my room. As usual mom and dad are at work until eight tonight, so I'll just make sure I have a good time in my room. Tara and Trevor are doing the babysitting today since I'm not allowed to leave. But they're too busy playing their games to even notice. Hey, I'm not complaining!


  I start singing to boyfriend and dancing like an idiot. I keep hearing something hitting my window, but there is a tree right by it so maybe it's a bit windy today. Who cares. My music gets turned up even louder and I fall onto my bed, but someone falls on top of me and covers my mouth to keep me from screaming. He takes his hand off of my mouth and puts his finger to my lips. Justin.


"Oh my God you scared the shit out of me."


"Well I knocked but you ignored it." 


"I thought it was a tree branch." He laughs and looks around my room. I turn bright red because my room wall is covered in pictures of him. I'm a bit obsessed.


"Oh I see." He looks at me with a big cheeky smile. I put a pillow over my face and scream. He takes it off and some of my hair covers my face. He moves it to look at me. "I think it's cute." He puts his hand on my cheek. He's still over me which I wasn't worried about until he looked at my room. But then, I calmed down and I put my hands on his face. We stared at eachother for a minute, and he started leaning closer. I wanted to push him off. But I wanted this. I closed my eyes and his lips touched mine. I felt a spark run through my body. It just clicked. And I know he felt it too, because he smiled in the middle of the kiss. But then I became so nervous I quickly pushed him off of me.


"How did you find my house?!"


"I am just a stalker and followed you home." He said sarcastically as he pulled out my drivers license. Oh yeah. He handed it to me along with my purse. 


"What did we just do." I started freaking out about the kiss. 


"It was just practice for the video." He winked at me. I know it wasn't just practice. I felt something. I liked it. "I should probably get going." He starts to get up and I grabbed his arm. He looked at me and then my hand. 


"No, stay. Please." He sat back down on my bed and nodded. What am I doing. I am looking needy. He's going to think I'm just like the rest.. I just don't want him to leave. I lie back on my bed and move enough for him to lay beside me. He did. As soon as he was comfortable, I moved into him. He put his arms around me and we cuddled. I told him about what happened, and he apologized. I told him that I didn't care because we had fun. He played with my hair which I love. He was starting to sweat because it gets hot in my room, so he took his shirt off and cuddled with me more. I couldn't hold myself back from tracing his tattoos. But he didn't care. He liked it. We fell asleep in each others arms, as if the world around us didn't matter.


  I wake up to banging on my door and we both jump up. It was my parents. "You have to go." He jumped up, and went out of the window. I opened the door not realizing that he left his shirt on the floor. My dad comes in. 


"Just checking to make sure you didn't sneak out on us."


"Of course I didn't. I was here the whole time." He looks at the shirt on the floor and heads for it. He picks it up. 


"Whose is this Anna?" Shit. 


"Its Jason's. Jasmine let me borrow it to wear when she dolled me up last night and I left it in my car. I told her I'd wash it and return it but she said to just keep it." He nodded and put it on my bed.


"Alright, thank you for listening."


"Yep." He walked out of the room and shut the door behind him. I fell to the floor with a sigh of relief. I picked the shirt up and held it close to me. It smelled like him. I sent him a text.


'What a close one. You left your shirt.'


'Yeah I know, I didn't think of grabbing it so I just jumped out of the window.. You can keep it for me.' 




'Alright.'  I sat in my bed and held it close to me. I ended up sleeping with it in my arms. If this was just a dream, I'd feel so much heartache waking up. But I know it's not. 


  I have nothing to do today, so it looks like I'll have a few more updates for you guys. Let me know your thoughts! XOXO.

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