Her Hidden Life

Anna is a normal seventeen year old girl. She has two overprotective parents, and two siblings who happen to be twins, Tara and Trevor. What happens when she runs into her idol Justin? Are they just friends, or are they more? What does Daddy have to say about his underaged daughter talking to this big celebrity?


16. Our new adventure

  Months have gone by and now Justin was on tour. I stayed at home and helped Pattie with the kids. I don't get to talk to him that often, which really sucks. Especially when I have to sleep alone. But Pattie had a different idea. A knock sounded from our bedroom door and I told them that they could come in. It was Pattie coming to check on me. 


"Hey sweetheart. How are you feeling today?" She asked as she came over to sit at the edge of the bed.


"I'm okay I guess. I miss him." I said as I said up.


"I know darling. I think you need to take a break from the house. I called Scooter, he expects to see you at tonight's show. But Justin doesn't know about it. Its a little surprise. So how about you get yourself out of bed, take care of yourself, I'll make you something to eat and get you a cup of tea, and you can be on your way. Pack a bag of clothes for a week to stay in the bus with him. You need this. Both of you do."


"Thank you mum." I gave her a hug and she returned the favor.


"You're welcome. Now get up and get yourself cleaned up. Breakfast will be ready for you when you come down." She kissed my forehead and went downstairs. I love how she treats me and my siblings as part of her family. Its a special bond between all of us. 


  I got up and picked an outfit out, grabbed a towel, and headed into the shower. I couldn't stop thinking about him since he left, and now it's hard to stop thinking about how I get to surprise him tonight. I undressed myself and turn the shower on. I got mg hair wet and applied my shampoo to it. I rinsed it out and then did my conditioner, shaved, washed my body, rinsed my hair, and hopped out of the shower. I dried off and put my clothes on, I did my hair and makeup and as soon as I was done I went down to eat breakfast.


"You look beautiful darling. He is going to be happy to see you." She smiled. 


"Tell Justin we miss him!" Jazmyn, Jaxon, Trevor, and Tara said in sync. 


"I will." I finished up and went back upstairs to pack some things. 


  I have everyone hugs before I walked out of the house. I out my stuff in the trunk and sat in the car. I was nervous to see him since it's been awhile. But I knew that everything would be okay once I was finally in his arms again. 


  It took me an hour to arrive there. Scooter was standing at the entrance where Justin would be entering. He waved for me to quickly come in, so I ran in my heels to get inside. 


"I'm glad you could make it. Justin has been nonstop talking about you. He's going to be shocked to see you. We are going to his you in the back in his dressing room. So when he walks in he will come in to see you. He will be here within the next 30 minutes. The show doesn't start for a few hours, but we always come early to be prepared." I nodded and he led me back to Justin's dressing room. He brought me back a drink and gave me a headset just in case I wanted anything, and for him to tell me when Justin arrives. 


  I sat in his dressing room on my phone looking at pictures of us. The time could not go any faster. I went to lie down on the sofa in the lounging area. I took a nap until I heard Scooters voice the the headphones. 


"He is on his way in now."


"Okay, I'm on the sofa in back."


"Alright, that's usually where he goes first since we are here early." I heard the door open and a bag being sat down on the vanity desk. I heard him sigh, as his footsteps we're coming towards my direction. He opened the curtains and looked up. He smiled. 


"Surprise." I stood up and walked towards him. I closed the space between us, letting my lips touch his with my arms wrapped around his neck. He snaked his arms around my waist and deepened the kiss. He then pulled away.


"Oh God I've missed those lips." He grinned. I ran my fingers through his hair and put my forehead on his. I closed my eyes. We stood like that for a minute or two before I was backed up against the wall. His hands traced my figure and stopped at my ass. He pushed himself against me so that I could feel the bulge in his pants. He put his face in my neck and left a trail of kisses behind. My eyes rolled to the back of my head. He picked me up to where I straddled him while I was pinned to the wall. He started kissing me deeply and carried me to the sofa. He put me down and got on top of me. He started moving on me to get me worked up. It was working. I was wearing a dress so all's he had to do was unzip his pants and move my undies to put himself inside of me. Which is exactly what he did. I grabbed his shoulders and he put his face in my neck. I felt his heavy breath which turned me on even more. 


"Mmmm, Justin." I moaned softly. He went slow not trying to make this quick, which I didn't mind at all. 


"I love you." He whispered in my ear which sent shivers through my whole body. I missed his touch, the sound of his voice, those words that were so little but meant so much. I held on even tighter so that he could feel my heartbeat. As we came to our climax, he slowed down. I felt weird before he pulled out. But I didn't think anything of it. We haven't done this in awhile. Of course it was gonna feel different. He zipped back up and spooned me on the couch, and we took a nap. 


  When it was time for him to get ready, he got up and got dressed into his performance outfit. He started doing some vocal exercises and when he was finished it was time for him to go on. He was doing amazing. He was about to do his last song when he stopped.


"So, I have a special someone here with me tonight. She gave me a reason to sing this song. Anna, can you come out?" Fans started screamimg. Scooter pushed me towards the stage. I walked out and Justin walked towards me and grabbed my hand. "This girl, is who I want to be with until my time on earth is done. Anna, you're all that matters to me."


  The music started playing. He sat on a stool and put me on his lap. He started singing. He held me and swayed back and forth. I loved this feeling. I felt like a princess. 


  The song ended and Justin thanked everyone for coming. He told them to give it up for me, and gave me a heated kiss on the spot. They started screaming louder. 


"I love you!" He said to me. 


"I love you too." 


  The night ended with us drinking and playing drunk games. It was hysterical, and we passed out in the bus together. It was an amazing experience. I love him.


 so what so you guys think? Let me know in the comments! Xoxo

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