Her Hidden Life

Anna is a normal seventeen year old girl. She has two overprotective parents, and two siblings who happen to be twins, Tara and Trevor. What happens when she runs into her idol Justin? Are they just friends, or are they more? What does Daddy have to say about his underaged daughter talking to this big celebrity?


14. In Hiding

  Since we have left the house, we have went into hiding. Because I'm seventeen, the police will not go after me for running away. However Justin's face is on every news channel for the allegations that he is facing. I started bruising on my nose so we took pictures of it to press child abuse charges on my father. He may lose my siblings for this, but it's the only way to get him to realize that he is not just getting away with this. If we have to, after everything is over, Justin and I will take in Trevor and Tara. They don't deserve to live the life that I've had to live since I was five. Id do anything to go back in time and make my parents love me for me. But you can't change what's already been done. They had no reason to not like me, they just randomly stopped loving me one day. And I knew that I'd be on my own. That was until Trevor and Tara came along. Us there have a close bomd because when they turned five they were forgotten too. I stood up to love and care for them. And in Justin and I's deep conversations I'd talk about it. He knew that we have been mistreated. And when he saw what I was talking about he stepped in to do something about it. I would make sure it was brought up in court. 


  We took pictures of Justin's bruises and cuts as well. We weren't just going to go in empty handed. We stayed in the guest room of Justin's moms house. I loved his mom. We connected the second he introduced us to each other. We had girl time and we would spend time with the rest of his family. I felt like I fit in somewhere. They gave us our privacy. Tomorrow, we would go to the police station to press charges. I'm scared because this could have Justin and I separated. So we made sure that our last night together before we returned would be a memory that would last us a lifetime. Pattie gave us some advice and thanked Justin for not letting my dead beat father just beat on me. She was proud to say she raised him right. 


  As we lay in bed together for what may be the last time for awhile, we shared deep thoughts. About our life, and then I got into something serious. 


"Justin?" I looked up at him and he was watching the ceiling. He was deep in thought until I had spoken.




"I'm not rushing us or anything, please don't think that at all. I'm not ready for what I'm about to suggest, and I know you're not either. But I have just been thinking of a way to get me legally released from the custody of my parents.." He sat up and looked at me. I think he realized where I was about to go. 


"I don't know if I'm liking where this is going..." he said very unsure of what to think.


"If I were to get pregnant, I would legally be released from them..." he gave me a very blank stare and sat in silence. "I know we aren't ready. I know the risks, I know you have your music career. I am just scared of the possibility of being taken away and kept from you.." 


"Id have to be really drugged up to agree to your suggestion.." I figured he wasn't going to be okay with my thoughts. I tried though. "You're seventeen. You're body isn't fully matured. You could become very messed up... serious health risks for you and the baby you'd be carrying. You haven't even got to explore and be free yet. As soon as you are labeled as a mommy, you lose those privileges.. my mom learned that at a young age. I know she wouldn't want the same for you. She truly likes you. She hasn't stopped talking about how proud she is for you to even be in our lives right now. And shes not ready to be a grandma. Nor are my siblings ready to be an aunt or uncle. I do eventually want a kid or two, but right now is just not our time. I do love you, but we need to wait until we are truly ready for the responsibilities. It wasn't easy for my mom. And all of the stress you have right now could make you have a miscarriage. Losing a child would crush the both of us. We just need to fight these problems. That's all we can do." He stuttered a lot with his speech so I know the thought of being a daddy made him nervous. We lied back down and I said nothing more. 


  Today we go to press charges. I'm scared that Justin will be arrested on the spot for running.. we cleaned ourselves up nicely and headed out. Pattie wished us luck and gave us both hugs before we left. We mentioned nothing about the conversation we had last night. It was a very silent, awkward drive.


  We got to the station and waited anxiously for the sheriff to call us back. As our names were called Justin squeezed my hand to try and reassure me that we would make it out okay. They asked us many questions, personal, and about what happened that day. We answered them truthfully. We told them how it came to happen. We said Justin fought my father after my dad had hit me. We showed them pictures of the marks left on each of us and they printed them out. Justin was not arrested. However we had to await for a court letter to arrive in the mail to plead our status. Then the court date would be set from there. I was granted permission by the judge to stay with Justin until court, and my siblings would be removed from the home until the jury found my fathers verdict. Pattie registered as a Foster parent and shortly after was approved to take them in. Children services went to pick them up so there would be no more charges on either side, and so that the Foster parents were kept confidential. They arrived with Tara and Trevor and immediately she ran up to Justin and I and gave us a hug. Trevor was just weary of the whole situation. But we know that he'd warm up soon. Jazmyn and Jaxon we're introduced to the twins, and Tara and Jazmyn became bestfriends immediately. Trevor and Jaxon are boys, so you know they will take their time. 


  Everyone got settled in. Justin and I sat together at dinner. His grandparents were over for the evening and they were very lovely people. We had all of their support. Tara and Trevor was welcomed into the family and given their own rooms. Pattie would take them shopping for their needs and some things that they want tomorrow. Justin and I just want to be alone. 


"What is weed like?" I asked Justin. I know he's done it. So I was just curious. He started laughing.


"Youre not ready for all of that. You haven't smoked anything, but you are asking about weed. I think you need to slow down a bit." 


"But I just want to know." 


"Come with me." He grabbed my hand and led me to a balcony. He pulled out what looked like a cigarette paper but without the part you smoke out of. "It's different for everybody. I probably shouldn't encourage this considering that we have already done some not so good things. But considering everything going on I'll let you smoke some. Not a lot. Its strong." He put one end in his mouth and lit it, breathing in the fumes. It smelled pretty weird. He held it in and then exhailed. He then put it in my mouth told me to suck and breathe in and he lit it. Before I breathed enough to fill my lungs I started coughing harshly. He cracked up at the fact that I barely smoked it and I had already started coughing. He let me take another puff, this time filling my lungs and holding it in until I was forced to cough it out. He took one more puff before putting it out. Everything started feeling so weird. He just acted more relaxed. I felt like I was gonna fly to Mars. 


  We walk inside and everything starts to move. "Whoaaaaaaa." I heard him chuckle. I apparently was amusing.. we got to our room and I tried flying onto the bed. But that didnt work. I fell to the floor. I started crying because I was upset that I wasn't able to fly. I wasn't upset that I hurt myself. He had a laughing fit at that. I gave him an evil stare. "Its not funny asshat." I pouted. 


"It is to me. You're so cute when you're mad."


"Then I'm about to become very fuckin adorable in a second." I retorted. He just kept laughing. "Don't talk to me." I said turning away from him. 


"When youre high you're like 1,000 shades of emotions." He laughed more. I pushed him and moved to the bean bag on the floor. adorable he comes over to me.


"Come on babe I'm just kidding." He leaned over top of me and nibbled on my neck. Now he started something. I wrapped my legs around his hips. He caught on and lifted me up to the bed. This time I was taking control. I pushed him off of me and he laid on the bed. I got over top of him and started kissing his jawline. He grabbed my boobs and I started kissing down his chest since his shirt was already removed. I kissed down to where his jeans stopped me. I unzipped and unbuttoned them and pulled them down. I've never sucked a dick in my life, so let's hope this goes over okay. I reach my hand down his boxers and grabbed him. I move my hand up and down and I felt himself harden as I sped it up. I then pulled his boxers off and threw them across the room. I licked on the tip of his dick and then around the sides. I put it in my mouth and moved my head up and down, using my tounge as if it were a lubricating gel. I heard him moan and he then grabbed my head and guided me. I then stopped to pull my clothes off. I grabbed a condom and put it on him before putting him inside of me. I went slowly and I could tell he was enjoying himself. He grabbed my hips to give me an I dea of what felt better for him and as soon as I caught on he let go. He pulled me down to kiss on my breasts. We went on until we could no longer go anymore. He tapped my ass when I needed to get off. I didn't realize I would become a little horny thing when I smoked. But I knew that he'd want to get me high more often. 


"I'm hungry." I said after I fell beside him. He got up, cleaned off, put boxers and gym shorts on and brought back a bag of chips. We munched on the bag of chips until we couldn't fill our stomachs anymore and I was so satisfied that I fell asleep. That was that.

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