Her Hidden Life

Anna is a normal seventeen year old girl. She has two overprotective parents, and two siblings who happen to be twins, Tara and Trevor. What happens when she runs into her idol Justin? Are they just friends, or are they more? What does Daddy have to say about his underaged daughter talking to this big celebrity?


9. Home Again

  After my day with Justin, I drove back home. Everything seems like a dream, like I'm in a coma, and this is a fantasy. But it's not. Its real life. I get into my driveway and locky my car bringing my bags into the house. "I'm home," calling to my parents. They come out of the family room and give me hugs. They look at the bags in my hands.


"Who bought you all of this? It must have costed a fortune." My mom gasped.


"My sugar daddy mom. I bought it. I've been saving up." I said sarcastically.


"Do not talk to your mother that way." My father said I'm a stern voice.


"She acts as if this is an everyday thing. I don't understand why she has to freak about it."


"But you could have said it in a more appropriate way." He retorted.


"Whatever." I rolled my eyes and headed to my room. As I open my door, I see a Jasmine who is looking for some answers. 


"Where have you been?"


"With Justin." Thats all I had to say.


"Whats going on with you two?"


"We are dating." Her jaw dropped. 


"I don't believe it. You're just saying that." 


"Alright hold on." I pull out my phone and spoke to Siri. "Siri, call Justin." She replied with "calling Justin," and the phone started to ring. He answered his phone and said "do you miss me already?" I laughed.


"Are we a little cocky? Yes, I miss you."


"Babe, you spent the night last night and have been gone for like thirty minutes at the most." Jasmines jaw hit the floor. 


"I know, but I miss your kisses. And sadly we can't kiss through the phone. They haven't invented that yet." We both laughed a bit. "But you probably have stuff to do so I'll let you go. See you soon."


"Alright, bye." He made a kissing sound and I made one back and hung up.


"Now am I 'just saying that'?" 


"Sorry, I just didn't think that he would've asked you. Thats all."


"Whats that supposed to mean?"


"I just thought he'd go for someone with yanno, a more curvy body. Thats all." I balled my hands into a fist. I had to hold myself back from hitting her.


"Get out." I said calmly at first. She just sat there, so I threw my vase and it shattered. "GET OUT." I screamed. She quickly got up and left. I slammed. Y door behind her, locked it, and fell to my knees. It hurt that she had the nerve to say that to me. And she was my bestfriend. Ill show her that he wants me. Ill prove myself. I got up to clean the mess I had made and while picking up the glass I cut my hand. 


"Fuck!" My hand started gushing out blood. I was gonna need stitches. I grabbed my need and a hand towel from the bathroom and went downstairs. "I'm leaving, I should be back in an hour or two." I ran outside,  unlocked my car and left. The towel that was once white was now a deep red. I started getting dizzy and I pulled over. I picked up my phone to call Justin. 


"Hey, Justi..." I couldn't finish the sentence. I heard him calling my name, and I tried answering, but I was losing my strength. "Anna, where are you? What's going on? Anna!" I started crying and felt the tears roll down my face.


"I'm tracing your location and coming to get you. Stay put."


Then everything went black.


Justin's POV:


  I found her car and pulled up beside it. She was passed out. I opened her door and saw her hand. Fuck. I picked her up and put her in the car. I rushed as fast as possible to the emergency room. I picked her up and ran inside. 


"NURSE, I NEED A NURSE NOW." I yelled as loud as possible. The nurses came rushing out with a bed and put her on it. They started asking me questions and I answered them. They asked what I was to her and I said boyfriend. They let me come back and I told them that her parents aren't involved. They said not to worry they weren't going to call them. They stitched her up and put some O blood into her. She was given an IV, and I was told she was to stay overnight. I used her phone to call Jasmine.


"What? Are you calling to threaten me more?"


"Look, I have no idea what you're talking about, but Anna is in the hospital and her parents are not to know. You need to tell them she's with you. Her hand was cut on several veins so she has stitches and a lot of blood was lost." 




"Thanks." I hung up. I'm going to have to talk to Ana when she's well enough to find out what happenes between them. For now, her health is my only concern. 

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