Her Hidden Life

Anna is a normal seventeen year old girl. She has two overprotective parents, and two siblings who happen to be twins, Tara and Trevor. What happens when she runs into her idol Justin? Are they just friends, or are they more? What does Daddy have to say about his underaged daughter talking to this big celebrity?


7. Confident

Anna's POV:

  Today is the day of the video shoot and I'm nervous. I'm scared that I'm gonna mesa it up. Sure people will be directing me, but it's still my first video. I tell my parents that I'm just going out with some friends for the day, and that I might not make it back tonight. They let me go, and I put the directions into the GPS. Justin called me last night to tell me where to to, and because he said he wanted to hear my voice. Which gave me a warm feeling.


  I arrive to the place, and Justin is waiting outside. He walks up to my car and opens my door. He helps me out and we walk up to the building. "Are you ready?" He asked.


"Nervous." Was all I could say. 


"Don't worry, you'll do great." We walk inside and immediately these females walk up to us and ask Justin if I'm the girl. He said "yes," and they took me to the dressing room to get ready. I felt like I was being pampered and I loved it. Justin was in his dressing room getting ready and every so often I'd get a cute little text saying "babe, you got this," or "see you soon beautiful." The girls in the dressing room looked at our messages and we all talked and giggled about it. It felt like I was meant to be here. They treated me as family and it was a great experience. 


"Alright girls! Five more minutes and we gotta roll!" The director yelled into the dressing room. This was more intense because everyone was rushing to do finishing touches.


  It came time to go out and they led me to where I was to go. The director told me what to do, and I followed their instructions. We get far into the song before the director says "cut, take thirty." Justin and I put robes over our clothes so we don't get messed up and we have food brought to us. We eat with the directors and everyone, and they ask me questions about myself. A guy sitting beside Justin whispered in his ear and he smiled, said "I know man, I'm blessed," and they did some type of bro shake. I kind of figured it was about me. He smiled at me and I smiled back. After our break was over, we started back up. Eight hours later we finish the video. They will edit it tonight and we preview it tomorrow. 


"And now that this is over, I say, LETS PARTY!" Justin shouted. Everyone cheered and he put his arm around me. We went to a club and danced like we never had before. Drinks were ordered and they didn't question my age. We we're given shots and Justin made a toast to a great video shoot the amazing people who helped to make it happen, and then a special one for me. Everyone said cheers and threw them back like they did this often. I took a sip and my facial expression must have been funny because they all laughed and I did with them. Justin ordered me something much lighter. I drank it, got up to dance. He didn't come with me, he just watched. It was the song music makes you lose control and this was a song that my dance group freedanced to. So I knew what I was doing. 


  Justin's eyes didn't move from me. Not too long after I start a circle surrounds me with everyone in the club. Everyone was cheering me on. Justin smiled the whole time. Then another girl hopped in and started a dance off, and I wasn't about to back down. As she danced she walked towards Justin and pulled him in. That was not about to just happened. So I stepped in and pushes her from him and started going at it harder. The end of the song reached and I ended up kissing him to mark my territory. The DJ pulled Justin up to the mic and asked who he thought won. 


"Ohhhhh, I don't know man. They we're both pretty tight. But I'd have to go with...." he pointed back and forth between us and then stopped at me and said "Anna!" I smiled and walked up to him and kissed him. The other girl got mad and walked off. But he took the mic again and said he had to ask a question. 


"So, this pretty young thing and I met at the beach, and ever since I saw her I knew I had something that I needed to do." He looked into my eyes, and continued, "I had to make her mine. So Anna, would you want to be my girl?" The club was dead silent, waiting for my answer. He handed me the mic and I replied "I'd be more than happy to be yours." I grabbed him by the shirt and kisses him. The club cheered and I'm pretty sure our group was the loudest. The DJ ordered us some drinks on the house to congratulate us. After a few drinks, I was cut off. 


"But whyy?" I whined to Justin as I reached for his drink. 


"That is exactly why." He laughed at my pouting face. "You'd be in enough trouble for even being here right now." I sat quietly because I knew he was right. 


"Can we just go homeeeee?" 


"Yeah, if that's what you want." He tipped the bartender, and we left. We went to his penthouse sweet and I almost shit myself. 


"Whoaaa, it's big!" He laughed pretty hard at that one. 


"Yeah and that's what she said." I gave a him a dirty look. 


"Thats what who said? Who is she?" He laughed even more.


"Babe, it's a joke. Chill out. I think we need to get you to bed."


"But I'm not tired." 


"Well you're falling all over the place." He held me up as I almost tripped over air. 


"No no no no. Shhhhh." I put my pointer finger on his lips and pushed him into the wall. He had a surprised expression on his face. I started kissing him, and slowly unzipping his jacket. I took it off without breaking the kiss. I creeper my hand up his shirt and started feeling on his muscles. I then went lower and started to unbutton his pants when he stopped me. 


"Anna, we can't do this." 


"But I want to..."


"You don't want to, that's the alcohol talking."


"You don't know what you're talking about." 


"In fact, I do. And I'm not letting you do this to yourself. You won't remember it, and you'll be heartbroken when you realize what happened. This is not happening. I'm doing this for you.."


"But you'd do 'it' for me too."


"Not if 'it,' is when you're hyped up on controlled substances." I sighed because he wasn't going to do anything. "How about you take a warm bath."


"Will you come in with me?"


"I won't get in, and you'll be keeping at least your underwear and bra on. But I will." 


"You're no fun." He chuckled and took my into the bathroom. He put some warm water in the tub and helped me get down to my bra and undies and slipped me into the tub. He scrubbed my back and washed my hair for me, got me out, put a robe on me, and wrapped my hair in a towel, and carried me to the room. He grabbed a pair of his boxers and a shirt and handed them to me. He gave me a bag to put my wet clothes into and left the room long enough for me to change. He took my clothes for them to be washed and dried, and brushed my hair before lying me down and covering me up. He cuddled me from behind,  and I passed out. 

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