Her Hidden Life

Anna is a normal seventeen year old girl. She has two overprotective parents, and two siblings who happen to be twins, Tara and Trevor. What happens when she runs into her idol Justin? Are they just friends, or are they more? What does Daddy have to say about his underaged daughter talking to this big celebrity?


2. Beach Day

  I wake up this morning from my peaceful slumber to a screaming Jasmine. "Get up! Get out of bed sleeping beauty! The beach is waiting!" I moaned and pulled the covers over my head. I was not ready for the day that was waiting for me. Nor was I ready for who I would come face to face with. "That's it!" She pulled the covers off of me and started pulling my feet towards the foot of my bed. 


"OKAY JASMINE, I GET IT." I shouted in annoyance. She always had the power to annoy me as if she were truly my little sister. "Who let you in here anyways?" 


"Remember, theres a key under the front door matt?" She smirked. Of course there is. I slowly get up and get myself dolled up for the beach. With my fair complextion I can wear any color bikini I want. I grabbed a strapless one with strings that hang down off of it. Its really sexy honestly. I grabbed my beach bag, car keys, and everything else needed for the day and we headed off. 


  On our usual trips to the beach, we always stop for a bite to eat. Today we just got some burgers from Five Guys and ate on the way. As soon as we got there, we ordered some umbrellas to keep the sun from burning our luscious,  delicate skin. I was just about to apply my suntan lotion when a big commotion started across the beach. I hear one name, and my heart stops.. Justin. Girls jump from their guys to go get pictures with the celebrity. Jasmine gets up to go see him and tries to drag me along, but I know how the famous hate people making big deals when they appear in public. So I sat where we set up while she went to drool over him. Every girl was surrounding him but me. I just started to apply my lotion, put my sunglasses on, and started my tan. But then I noticed that something was blocking the sun. I sit up and pull my glasses and say "do you mi..." but then the rest of the word got caught in my throat as I realized who was in front of me. 

"No I don't." The voice of a million angels rang to through my ears. I blushed a bit, but not enough for him to notice. "Do you mind if I take a seat beside you?" He looked into my eyes and licked his lips slowly.


"I don't care." Now I'm gonna play hard to get. Jasmines jaw dropped. I put my glasses back on my face, and sat back. He did too, but was on his side to be able to see me. All of the other girls pouted and went back to their places. He kept staring at me, so I spoke up. "Do you have a staring problem or something?" It came out a little more brutal than I intended, but when you're playing hard to get, you gotta play the cards right. He just chuckled.


"Well, I can't stop staring when I'm looking at something as beautiful as you."


"You are really cheesy." I grinned to let him know that I was messing with him. But I know he already figured that. I looked at Jasmine and held up my suntan lotion to let her know that I needed some on my back. She nodded but then was interrupted when Justin spoke up.


"If you don't mind I could do it for you. I'm told I have great hands." He winked at Jasmine and I know she had just melted in her suit because she excused herself to take a quick swim, which is unlike her.


"I mean, if you want to then sure." I handed him the bottle and lied flat on my stomach. I hear him open the bottle and squirt it onto his hands. He rubbed them together and started applying it to my back, massaging it into my skin. 


"So I don't think we introduced ourselves, I'm Justin."


"I'm Anna." 


"The name suits you well." He rubbed more intensely making sure not to miss a spot. He noticed the tattoo on my shoulder which is roses. He made sure to get it covered and started rubbing on my neck. I had to hold back my moans because I needed to stay strong on my cards. After he was done, he removed his shirt and lied beside me. "So what do you like doing? Hobbies, interests, anything."


"I love dancing, hip hop, slow dancing. I like singing too, but I'm not too good at it. I cook. You know, what about you?" 


"Singing, dancing, entertaining. Are you a fan?"


"You're cool." Short and simple. 


"I see." He went deep into thought for a moment before a little girl came over to us with her mom.


"Hey Justin, my daughter Ayerlin is a big fan of yours, would you mind taking a picture and signing her CD?"


"Of course not. Especially not for someone as adorable as this little girl." He smiled widely and picked her up while her mom took their photo. I stared in awe just thinking of how sweet it was of him to do that for her. He signed her disk and kissed her hand. "There you go princess, stay cute alright?" The smile on her face grew from cheek to cheek and she nodded. He gave her one last hug before her mom took her back to her father who she proudly showed her cd and picture to. He mouthed 'thank you' to Justin and he nodded back. 


"That was nice of you."


"I love giving back to my beliebers. They are like family." After he said that, my heart was warm and butterflies filled my once occupied tummy. I smiled and looked out into the ocean. "Its nice here isn't it?" 


"This is my home. Of course it's nice."


"You know what I meant. Do you wanna take a dip?"


"I usually just come to tan."


"Well you didn't today!" Just then he stood up and picked me up.


"What are you doing?"


"Just getting us a little wet." I squirmed trying to get out of his grasp but his strength was just too much. I gave up when he started running towards the saltwater. He went deep enough to get both of us wet. 


"Holy shit that's cold!" 


"It'll warm up in a minute or two." He slowly put me down and started splashing at me. 


"Oh, you wanna play this game huh?"


"What are you gonna do about it?" He smiled big. I started splashing back and he splashed as well slowly moving closer to me. He reached me and pulled me into his arms. I forgot that I was even just a normal citizen. Let alone my own name. It just felt like the world stopped. "I haven't had this much fun in awhile.." he whispered softly into my ear. I put my head on his chest and whispered me too. And of course, someone had to ruin it. Pictures. Everyone had cameras out, videos being taken. We quickly covered our faces and got out of the water. We wrapped up in our towels and I packed up to head towards my car. He followed me. I unlocked the doors and quickly got in. He got into the passenger side. 


"I'm so sorry." He said in complete dissapointment. 


"Its not your fault. They just want to get attention.." 


"I think I should let you get going. Is there anyway I can see you again..?" I said yes as we quickly exchanged numbers. Jasmine came up to the car door and he got out and she hopped in. 


"What even just happened..." I shrugged and we pulled off, as he stood there watching us go. It broke me..


  So what is your thoughts so far? I'm enjoying writing this already. I hope you like it up to this point, more chapters will be up tomorrow!! Until then XOXO.

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