Her Hidden Life

Anna is a normal seventeen year old girl. She has two overprotective parents, and two siblings who happen to be twins, Tara and Trevor. What happens when she runs into her idol Justin? Are they just friends, or are they more? What does Daddy have to say about his underaged daughter talking to this big celebrity?


3. Anxious

  It's been a week since my encounter with Justin, and he hasn't sent a call or text. I mean I know he's probably on vacation until the date of his video shoot, but why exchange numbers if you're not even going to get a hold of someone? I guess I'm just getting impatient. But if I'm gonna play hard to get, I can't text or call him first. I sigh as I get up from my bed and go downstairs for breakfast. I have to act like nothing is up or my parents will freak out if they realize what happened that day at the beach. Thank goodness that they don't watch tv shows that gossip on the latest celebrity news or read the magazines or tabloids. They have other things to do like keep their company in shape. They own an accounting firm, so they have to stay up to date so they don't go bankrupt, their employees don't make huge funding mistakes etc. My mom was in the kitchen making Bacon, eggs, and pancakes. I licked my lips at the smell because it smelled delicious. Mom finishd up and I grabbed my plate and went up to my room. 


  After I was done with breakfast, i got ready for the day. I had no plans, but its not like I couldn't make any. I called Jasmine to see what she was doing.


"Hey Jas, are you doing anything today?"


"Nope, just sitting in my room." 


"Okay cool, do you want to go to the mall or something?"


"Sure, let's hit up some outlets today." 


"Alright, I'll be there in five."


"See you soon." I hung up the phone, grabbed my purse and car keys, and headed for the front door. 


"Mom, I'm going to the mall with Jasmine."


"Alright, make sure you're back before nine!" I rolled my eyes and walked out to my car. My car is pretty sexy if you ask me. It's a purple spider eclipse, and on really hot days, I can't help but to pull the top down. Today is one of those days. 


  I arrive at Jasmine's who has a humongous smile on her face as I'm pulling up in the driveway. I know what that smile means, 'so what's the deets (details)?' She jumps in the car and starts."Soooooo, what's up with you and the Biebs?" She winked and nudged my shoulder lightly and I just sighed and shook my head. "He hasn't talked to you since the beach?"


"No." I was short with her because I wanted her to realize that it hurt to talk about it so she'd just shut up.


"That's sad. Maybe he has things to get done before the video." I just shrugged it off and changed the subject. 


"So what have you been doing?"


"Nothing honestly. Just relaxing." The rest of the way to the mall was quiet because we had nothing else to say. 


  We get to the mall and head to Victoria secret first. I have my own credit card so I buy my own things. I picked up some bras to try on, I ended up getting four bras, and a few pairs of laced undies. Jasmine just got some perfume. We went to a few other stores before going to get some Chinese for lunch. We talked about life at home to pass the time and then we went to see a movie. It was four by the time the movie was over, and my phone starts buzzing out of control. I pull it out of my purse only to look down at it and see 'Justin' calling me. I smiled and bit my lips nervously, and jasmine pushed me into the bathroom to get away from everyone. I quickly picked up and waited for him to talk.


"Hey Anna, what are you doing right now?" I could tell he was grinning through the phone. I looked at Jasmine to search her face for an answer. She lipped the word 'nothing.'


"I'm doing nothing."


"Well that's good, because I was wondering if you would like to go to dinner with me at six tonight?" My heart was about to jump out of my chest and I couldn't find the words to say. Jasmine shook her head yes.


"Y-yeah. Sure."


"Okay great. We are going fancy, so dress in your best attire." 




"Bye." He hung up on his end and that was that. 


"Anna, we have to get you dolled up!" She shreiked and pushed me out of the bathroom. We went to a fancy dress store and picked out a nice outfit. We went to a salon to get my hair done, and we quickly hired someone for hair and nails. I don't know how I'm affording all of this. But I guess we will worry about that later. By the time I was done, I could barely recognize myself. How would he even know who I was. Jasmine sprayed some Victoria Secret 'Love Spell' purfume on me and I was completely ready. It was five-thirty now. Justin called.


"I'm having a limo pick you up, where are you?"


"At the mall."


"Fantastic, they'll be there soon." He hung up, and as if my looks weren't turning heads already. Who gets picked up in a limo at the mall? Who cares, no one here knows me but Jasmine so they won't know what hit them. Hopefully not the limo at least. We stood outside and the limo pulled up. The driver got out and opened my door, I curtsied amd smiled to be polite. Two big men were in the back with me, they we're security guards. One pulled out a bouquet of flowers and handed it to me.


"Given to us by Justin." The one man said. His voice deep like the lowest string on a bass. We drive off and arrive shortly after. The driver opened the door and reached for my hand. He helped me out and I said 'thank you.' He nodded, and the body gaurds followed after. The we're on either side of me making me feel uncomfortable, but I guess it's just a safety precaution. There were roses lining up to the entrance and to the table that we we're to sit at. But there was no Justin. Was I just set up?


 A few minutes later, I feel hands on my shoulder which startled me. But they started rubbing my shoulders and it was like deja vu. He then proceeded to his seat. He was in a tux, and I must say, it drove me wild. How long would I be able to contain myself... 


  The waitor came to the table to take our drink order. Justim ordered us both a glass of their finest wine. 


"Justin." I whispered.




"I'm not old enough to drink.."


"I know, but did they ask for an ID?" I shook my head no and he smiled. He came back with our drinks, and asked us if we we're ready to order. Justin said I could have whatever I want. However I was planning on paying for myself.


"I'd like a sirloin steak, a baked potato and a small salad with Italian dressing."


"And for you sir?"


"Ill have the same." 


"It will be about fifteen minutes." He walked back into the kitchen to place our order as we sat there.


"So what's the catch? You dont talk to me for a week and then you randomly ask me out to dinner? Whats up with that?"


"I was busy, chill. I promise." He smiled big and I just wanted to slap him. No matter how upset I was about him not talking to me, that smile made me forget why I was even mad. 


"But why did you bring me here?"


"I wanted to ask you something?" Every time someone says that I feel nauseous. Especially since he is the one saying it.




"Are you confident?" I caught on to what he was getting at, but I played dumb.


"I guess so. But what does that have to do with me being here?" 


"I'm here to shoot a music video for my song 'Confident,' and I wanted to know if you were confident enough to be in it." 


"What is it about?"


 He explained the background story, even though I knew what it was. "Sure." I said not sounding like I was freaking out but in reality my heart was racing. 


"Cool." The food came and we ate. We waited a bit for desert before ordering so we could make room. The food was nothing short of outstanding. I loved it. As our time together ended, I realized how much I wanted for this, us, to be something. Hopefully, as the time goes on, we will be more than what we are now. I realized that it was past eight-thirty. 






"I have to be home by nine. My parents are going to kill me." 


"Are you sure you have to go so soon?" He looked at me with puppy dog eyes.


"I'll stay. But only for a bit longer." He got up and reached for my hand, a slow song played through the speakers and he asked for me to dance. I grabbed his hand and he pulled me close. His hands on my hips and mine around his neck. I know he felt my heart beat because he shushed me to try and calm me down. I blushed embarrassed, but he couldn't see. His scent drew me in and I closed my eyes. I was in heaven. And I didn't want it to end. But it had to. The song was over and I looked up at him. Jasmine beeped the horn. "I'm sorry, but I have to go." I ran out to the car without a second thought and didnt turn around. I tried sneaking into my window, but my parents were already standing in my room. 'Fuck,' I mumbled under my breath.


"I strictly told you nine. Its almost ten Anna. Where were you?"


"I told you. I was just out with Jasmine.." they didn't buy that for a second.


"you weren't wearing that when you left."


"We went to a movie premier. I swear." 


"Get yourself ready for bed and we will talk more tomorrow. You have some serious thinking to do." Dad said in a more than serious tone. I nodded and they went to their bedroom. I went to grab my purse, but I realized that it wasn't with me. I left it with Justin. How am I gonna explain that to my parents...


   Any thoughts, opinions? Let me know in the comments. Another update or two up later. Thanks!




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