"He knew every inch of my tar black soul, and he still loved me, till I disappeared".


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"That was the last time saw her sir" i said.

"Oh really"? The officer asked.

"umh yes"? I was terrified, what could of happened to her, I loved her and here i am being question if i new where she was. If i fucking knew where she was wouldn't I be with her right now?

"Okay you're free to go then" said the officer.

Dani's pov

I was sitting on a boat on my way to the United states,California, where I would then go undercover as a new student, which I was because I was still in school but this is my last year. I'm average height long black hair and piercing green eyes and two piercings one on my nose and one on my lip. I have two tattoos one says Niall which is my ex boyfriend, but I never said good bye I was just so pose to disappear with out leaving a track or clues for anyone to find me and the other one was of birds flying away from home. I feel so bad and heart broken but i cant let him get in the way of my thoughts I needed to finish this mission. My mission was to take down the drug selling,gang leader Apalo high was known for, his name was harry and all I got was a picture of him and let me tell you he was hot. 



Hey guys its the author my names kylie btw! If you like this could you comment or tell me so I know if i should keep going? Thanks!

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