"He knew every inch of my tar black soul, and he still loved me, till I disappeared".


2. chapter one

Dani's pov

It was thew first day of Hell, by that I mean school. First day of trying to get two know Harry, Eh, over the weekend I heard he uses girls and abuses them for his own entertainment. I honestly thought my mission was going to be fun but once I heard what he did to girls I was sick two my stomach. They showed me pictures of one girl that he abused and used and she was later found dead on the apartment floor but they could never trace it back to Harry but they knew he did it, but I wasn't so sure. I mean I just have a feeling in my stomach about it. 

Anyways, While I was getting ready for school I heard a knock on the door to find my boss handing me clothes to where, she was my mom for this mission ha-ha. 

She handed me a white tank top ,white high-waisted shorts and black high-top converse. I hated my outfit. . After I showered and changed I put my black long hair in two braids and put on makeup. My finishing look is with sunglasses.I impressed myself, and my mom (boss). She drove me to school, even though I had my own car but it hasn't shipped in yet. 

  When we pulled up to the school, I immediately spotted Harry, smoking on the side of the school. Wow. Well that was easy, all I have two do now is,OMG!! NIALL just walked over two Harry and my boss is gone hes right next two the door. 


Niall knows who I am.

I quickly ran inside and hid in the bathroom. I'm screwed.

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