5sos preferances

Yeahhhhh you read the title


10. The Boys keek a cute couple moment


You and Luke were outside in the field that was just a little ways outside of your hotel. The boys followed you and started a keek. "Hey guys, we wanted to show you guys just how Cute Y/n and Luke are!!" They turned the camera around and showed you with your head on Luke's shoulder, his head turned to look at you, as he played his guitar, which was rested in his lap.

"It's to cute I'm going to die!" Calum chuckled, and Ashton giggled. "They are meant to be!!" Michael sang. The keek ended with you placing a kiss on Luke's lips.

People made gifs of it, and they tweeted pictures of you two like that (media)


Ashton had taken you out for your anniversary and had bought you a huge bouquet of flowers. You two had just finished lunch when he picked you up bridal style. They boys decided to follow you and started keeking. "Look how cute they are!" Michael laughed as Ashton stood on one foot, tipping you side ways and you laughed, your hair touching the ground. "I love you Ashton!" You smiled kissing him lightly. Ashton smiled and kissed you back. "I love you too." He mumbled and then the keek ended.

Their were gifs with this caption:

'This is what a perfect couple looks like...

Y/s/n (your ship name) forever!!'


You were doing your hair and Calum had started fooling around with your hair dryer. They boys were watching Amused as Ashton started keeking. "This is what happens when Y/n tries to do her hair, and you give Calum a hair dryer." He flipped the camera so it showed you putting your hair in different arrays as Calum started blowing your hair so it would go into crazy looks. "Calum!" You laughed as he looked at you innocently as he did it. "What?" He asked. The keek ended with you taking the hairdryer and blowing the air in his face and messing up his hair. Just as it ended Calum screamed "NOT MY HAIR!!"


You and Michael had stayed up until 2am and you had your face in his chest, and your legs straightened. Michael has his head rested on your head, and his arms around you and had one leg straightened beside yours and the other one resting on your hip. Ashton brought out his phone and started keeking. "Hey guys. We just woke up to find this.." He turns the phone so it shows your position. "It's to cute! They grow up so fast.." He says and laughs. The keek ends with Michael lifting his hand up and flipping Ashton off.

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