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Yeahhhhh you read the title


12. Song Shot: Intoxicated I Love You's (Lashton)

I've been OBSESSED with this song recently, soooo YA know, I had to :3



"You get a little drunk and you let a little loose.

I might as well shut my mouth and have a couple drinks too.

You push me up against the wall,

and I can feel your hips and the bittersweet movement of our lips.

You whisper to me, "I want you to be my first one and I want your first one to be me.""

You drank your second bottle of beer, sitting beside Luke on your couch. He was only on his first. You guys had been dating for a year with no.....sexual advances. You knew you were ready, and you were still sober. Well....kind of sober. You stand up and walk to the kitchen to enact your plan. You stayed in here until Luke got worried and walked in. "Y/n? What's wro-" you cut him off by shoving him against the wall and kissing him deeply. His eyes widened but he kissed back, wrapping his arms around you. You pressed your hips against his, smiling. He gasped. You pulled back and stood on your tip toes and whispered in his ear "I want you to be my first one, and I want your first one to be me..." He nods slightly. "Are you....are you sure?" He asked. You nod and he kisses you again.....


"And you, my dear, are so sincere with the way you're breathing.

And your eyes are bright, my chest is tight.

We both know this isn't right, this isn't right."

You breathed deeply, your eyes wide open and bright. His chest tightened at the look of pure contentment in your eyes. You say up and looked around smiling. "It's beautiful out here isn't it?" You ask softly. He stayed quiet not trusting his voice. "Ashton?" You ask, turning to him. "Y-yeah!" He squeaked and blushed, causing you to burst out laughing. "I love you Ashton...." You whisper. "I love you too, Y/n." He whispered, and cupped your cheek, kissing you softly.

You both knew it wasn't right. Your parents hated each other, and you had a boyfriend who was super sweet but also a jerk, and he had a beautiful and sweet girlfriend who was stuck up.

"Let's run away...." Ashton murmured, and you smiled sadly at him. "You can't leave without them!" You say. "They can come with us, please!" He begs and you smile nodding. "Sure....I love you to much to let you go."

"As I love you.."

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