5sos preferances

Yeahhhhh you read the title


1. How you meet


You were walking around town, with your head down in a book, and a coffee on on hand. You bumped into someone, and your coffee spilled all over you, and the stranger. "Oh! I'm so sorry!" You say looking up, okay to meet the bluest eyes you'd ever seen. "No I'm sorry, I should've seen you." He said, and he bit his black lip ring. You but your lip like you'd always done and shook your head. "Really, I'm sorry." You say and then look down at your shirt. "Crap." You mutter and he looked apologetic. "I'm so sorry, let me make it up to you!" He said and you frowned. "No you do-" you started but he cut you off. "I want to. Meet me at the café tonight at eight!" He said smiling and you slowly nodded. "Alright." You say and you two part ways. Your heart skipped a beat, as you jumped in excitement. You heard footsteps running after you and you turned seeing the guy again. "I didn't get your name." He said. "Y/n." Toy say smiling. "Luke." He said grinning pointing to himself.


You hated the beach, but your friends forced toto come with them. As you were walking you bumped into a guy, and you almost fell backwards, you closed your eyes bracing for the fall. Except it never came, you opened your eyes and saw that he had caught you. "Surprised?" He asked, smiling. He had adorable dimples and you couldn't help but smile. His curly hair was being held back by a bandana. "I'm Ashton." He said. "I'm Y/n...thanks for catching me." You say. "No problem....wanna get ice cream sometime?" He asked and you laugh but nod. "Sure!" You say and you exchange numbers.


You were dancing with your friends at a club, when you noticed a guy watching you. You had to admit he was cute as all heck. Tan, dark eyes, shaggy dark brown almost black hair. He began to make his way over to you, and he put his hands in your hips. "What's a pretty girl like you doing here?" He asked and you giggle. "Friends brought me here." You reply, and he laughed. "Here's my number, call me soon." He said, and you noticed your friends were leaving. "I'm Y/n." You say. "I'm Calum." He said, and you left, blowing him a kiss, and he pretended to catch it.


You sat with your best friend Michael. He had to leave for his tour soon, and you two were going through a photo album. He was laughing at a picture of you, when you had dyed you hair with blue Kool aid. When he had to leave you gave him a big hug. "Come home soon." You had said, and he'd hugged you back. "Always."

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