5sos preferances

Yeahhhhh you read the title


11. How he proposes


You always loved reading so he bought you a second copy of your favourite book. You thought you lost your other one. (He really just hid it so this would work) and he cut out the pages and put the ring in and wrote in sharpie 'will you marry me?'


Ashton and you had an addiction to pizza. And, no surprise, you got it from Michael. He told you he was go into get pizza and that's what he did but on the top of he box he wrote 'marry me?' And when you turned around looking for him. He was on one knee with the box open.


Calum had a two year old son before you two got together. The mother had dumped the kid on him and left without a trace. He called you mommy after you and calum's one year anniversary. So Calum came up with the idea to put a shirt on his son that said 'Marry daddy?' And he sent his son to you wi the engagement ring.


Michael and you adored videogames. So he printed a picture of Princess peach and Mario and wrote underneath 'be my player two?' And under neath that, he put an engagement ring and said 'player one ready' then a men's ring saying 'player two press start'

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