5sos preferances

Yeahhhhh you read the title


5. He asks you out


You were sitting with Luke and the boys watching a movie. Mean girls to be exact. You and Luke were sitting on the couch, while Ashton curled into the single chair, and Calum and Michael sat in the floor. Luke was more nervous then he usually was, and his cheeks would flare red when Ashton would give him a look. "Hey Y/n? Could you get us some more popcorn?" Ashton asked sweetly. You nodded giving him a weird look before picking up the full bowl of popcorn and going To make more. When you finished you out your ear against the door, and listened to their hushed voices. "Come on mate just do it!" Calum groaned. "No what if she says no Cal!" Luke whispered back, his voice urgent. "Just ask her out already!!" Michael whisper shouted back. You started opening the door, and Luke quickly hushed them all. You giggled as you sat beside him kissing his cheek. "I'd love to go out with you." You whisper in his ear and his cheeks flare red and he grins. "Yes!" He shouted quickly quieting blushing darker. All the boys began laughing and cheering. "So when the wedding?" Calum teased causing you and Luke to kick him. "We just started dating!" Luke exclaimed.


Ashton was sitting at the kitchen table fidgeting, and you watched they curly haired boy amused. "Dude what the heck is wrong with you?" Michael teased, and Ashton shot him a death glare. "Yeah what is wrong with you Ash?" You ask, your eyes bright with amusement. Michael groans in pain as Ashton kicks him hard in the shin. You giggle. "U-umm.....I have a question Y/n..." He whispered and you nod. "Continue." You say grinning. He bite his lip. "Um...we've been friends for a long time...and I was wondering if you would be my...my girlfriend..." He whispered the end shyly. Your smile widened and you kissed the corner of his mouth causing him to blush. "I'd love to." You breath.


Calum was sitting beside you outside watching as the rain fell. He was watching you, as you smiled with your head on his shoulder. "Why are you watching me Cal?" You ask and he blushes quickly looking away before glancing back at you. "You just look rally pretty..." He whispered and you scoffed. "Im not kidding...your beautiful to me....no matter what..." He whispered and you looked at him. "Really?" You ask, frowning. He nods looking at his feet. "Awwww your blushing!" You grin pinching his cheeks. He laughed nervously. "No I'm not!" He said. "Really?" You say, raising an eyebrow. He sighed and nodded. "Ok I was blushing." You laughed at his confession. "I know." You giggle. "Would you be my girlfriend?" He asked suddenly, causing you to sit there shocked. He bit his lip waiting for your answer. You slowly began to smile. "YES!" You shriek hugging him, and he smiled putting his head in the crook of your neck.


Him and the boys were playing video games and you were on Twitter and watching them. "So Y/n anything interesting on Twitter?" Calum asked casually. You laughed and shook your head. Luke laughed. He was on Twitter as well, and you two were talking to fans. "Actually this one is interesting." You say, and Luke smirks seeing it. Michael stiffens. "What one?" He asked. "A fan told me that a certain boy with coloured hair in the band 5 Seconds Of Summer likes me." You giggle and his eyes widen. "Traitor!" He yelped, causing you to burst out laughing. "So is it true..?" You ask, your eyes hopeful. He hesitantly nods. You grin. "So if he asked you to be his girlfriend would you say yes?" Luke asked innocently. You smile. "Of course!" You say and Michael grins. "So then your my girlfriend!" he said and you smiled. "Yes!" You laugh fist bumping the air before hugging him.

A/n: sorry it's so crappy!!

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