My collections of nightmares for you. This is my story and you are just here to listen and wait. Wait each day so I can give you a nightmare. Just wait and see...... Want to know what goes on in my head? Want to find out?.... Just ask.


34. The World

The world is a dreaded place.

It is filled with sorrow, anger, lust, greed, and many thing.

One thing the world isn't is perfect.

There are ups and downs.

Happiness and sorrow.

Anger and joy.

Love and lust.

We all have a family.

Either dead or living.

We all had happiness.

Either yesterday or today.

We all have anger.

At yourself or a person.

If I could do anything to change the world.

I would do nothing.

The world is fine in my eyes despite political view and arguments.

There are many things wrong with the world.

What would you change if you could?

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