My collections of nightmares for you. This is my story and you are just here to listen and wait. Wait each day so I can give you a nightmare. Just wait and see...... Want to know what goes on in my head? Want to find out?.... Just ask.


1. soul

I don't have a soul anymore. Its gone. I think I'm going to become a lifeless person. Like a glass doll. Say bye to the happy and cheerful me. I wave bye to my soul as it floats up into the sky gong somewhere.

No electricity.

No light.

No warmth.

No love.

No life.

No nothing.

It all went away a couple of years ago.

The dull lifeless eyes tell a story all of its own. The voice sing a song over and over in your head. Waiting until the mad takes over. To take over your life and love. To make you leave life you once knew. The pain. The hate. The sadness. The hurt is now all there. And now. Your family. Your friends. Your lover. Your pets. Everything you loved just leaves. Just leave you all behind to fend for yourself To slowly give into the madness. And to give into to death. You sit all alone there. And wait and wait. Waiting to die to just end it all. Then suddenly the most cruelest of most fates has been dropped on your shoulders. "You have to survive to survive you have to survive" the voice sang in your head now says. You have to strive, you have to keep living. You were scared to die but you wanted to anyways.

You tried and tried but you just can't. You found a child laying there half dead and half alive in this world. "Just leave him and leave him just leave him to die in this world." the voice in your head sang. You wanted to kill him. To put him out of his misery. Even though he begs you to kill him you just walk away. You didn't care about the well being of different people. You just cared about staying alive. Soon you find a bridge. You want to jump but you have to go on. "keep on living ,living, living! Keep on living until your a bag of bone!" it then sang another song later you already heard "Live a life bad and awful band and awful! live a life so bad an-" you cut if off have already memorized it. You then start to hum it. You never sing in fact ever since this madness started 3 years ago you haven't said a single word. You stilled hummed it. Never getting it out of your head.

You started to get hungry again its been like 2 weeks since you last ate. You found some nuts. You ate those and grabbed the rest for later. You continue in your journey until a song came up "Lets go play with knives. Play with knives play with knives. Lets go and play with knives until you almost die" the voice sang in a cheerful voice. You have been listening to it when it sang. and you always followed it orders. You grabbed the knife in your pocket and started to play a game of many you have learned.

"Your at the end at the end. Your at the ends so go jump and die!" the voice sang in your head. You wanted to follow its orders but were too scared and walked away from it all. you have been alive for abut 4 or five years now listening to this voice so now you decided it was time to rebel. you then start to do the opposite of what is says. It would scream in your head until your ears bleed. Screaming at you to follow orders and you finally said a word in 5 years "No" you say and fall in a sleep. the best you ever have had in 5 years. The voice finally catching on to what you were dong finally sang  this one last song"Don't jump off jump off a cliff don't jump off a cliff and die." it sang. Going against orders of the voice you found a cliff and fall off. down to your death. And you finally did something you haven't done since all of this madness began. You smiled

As you reached a pair of heavenly gates you found something you though you lost forever all those years ago. Your other half of your soul that you gave away. Your soul that contained your happiness . You held your arms out wide and motioned it to join you again. The two souls Yin and Yang the soul that everybody has was back in you. Your soul was not just yang anymore. "Welcome back me" your souls said in unison. As you turned around you saw your family. friends. pets, old life, and happiness welcoming you back. "Its good to be back." you said finally back to your emotional self. Suddenly you jolted awake and saw you were back at the beginning of your horrible journey again. You keep reliving the same 5 years over and over and over forever and ever.

-The End-

Back tomorrow and I'll show you another nightmare. Goodnight. 

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