My collections of nightmares for you. This is my story and you are just here to listen and wait. Wait each day so I can give you a nightmare. Just wait and see...... Want to know what goes on in my head? Want to find out?.... Just ask.


28. Perfect

Everybody thinks my family is perfect.

You don't see what goes on inside.



A supposedly perfect father.

Well he brings a woman over every other night when Mom is at work.

A charming perfect brother.

He smokes cocaine, and sells drugs for a living, he owns a secret garden full of different drugs.

My beautiful mother.

When she goes to work, she is actually going to a strip club and dances in just bra, and underwear.

Then there is me.

I see things others can't, I've been in a mental institution, and then shipped to an insane asylum.

Just last year I came back home, and found out that my family got worse.

Mom has had at least two abortions every month.

My family isn't perfect.

Never was.

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