My collections of nightmares for you. This is my story and you are just here to listen and wait. Wait each day so I can give you a nightmare. Just wait and see...... Want to know what goes on in my head? Want to find out?.... Just ask.


4. Lost Life

I'm back with yet another nightmare!

I stare down.

thinking, should I?

Could I?

Will I?

Will they miss me?

Will they cry?

They wont cry.

They would be happy.

I'm sick and tired of being pushed around. and treated like dirt. My mom and dad. They are the problem or they say that I'm the problem. They never wanted a kid. This face, This ugly horrid face was made from a defective condom. It what they said and now I say it too. They make sure to be extra careful and I could tell. Every night I hear them.

They beat me, tortured me, and  throw me out the open windows daily. I have the scars to prove it. One time they didn't open the window and it broke. The shards where all in my back and A crimson liquid was slowly pulling around me. They didn't do anything but the neighbor did. Our neighbor is a nice old lady. She knows but I begged her not to tell the police. She loves me and that's the only person that does.

Nobody at school talks to me. Sometimes they stare at me. Its weird sometimes like their afraid to touch me like I'm a piece of glass or something. I know nobody wont miss me. I'm standing on the top of the tallest building on the edge of the city. I take a few steps back. Then sprint to the edge of the 5 story tall building and jump. I know I wont survive the fall that's why I did it so nobody can revive me. Before I fell I saw somebody running and it was my parents. They were crying and yelling. I didn't know why. I think they were cheering and crying of happiness.

I crashed but before I died I heard somebody say "Don't go. We're so sorry. We finally understand why you are here. You are here to be our daughter. So don't you dare die on us!" the person said. "Too late." I chocked out and everything went black. The last thing I saw was the crying faces of my parents. The following weekend they held my funeral. Everybody showed up and I mean everybody from school, the neighborhood, even from the stores. I saw everybody come up. One said this "I was to afraid to come near Rose because I felt like I was good enough to become her friend. She was too kind that's why I secretly called her Precious Angel. The word got out and everybody started to call her that. She didn't know. I knew I should of gotten over my fears and confronted her and become friend." a girl cried. Some other people said speeches similar to hers' and finally my parent went up.

"We didn't deserve to be called her parents to be absolutely honest we didn't love her until we started to take classes. We would beat her (The crowd gasps), torture her, and would say that all she was made out of was a defective condom. But earlier in the week I started to love her and wanted to apologize to her. But the day that we were going to apologize was the day she jumped. We were looking for her every where that day and we saw a figure on a roof top and it was hers'. We never got to apologize to her and we regret our actions and wish that we could take them all back and love her. Our Rose, our sweet and quiet Rose. Mommy and Daddy are sorry!" said my mom. Everybody looked at my parents and that's when I tried to make my presence known.

I suddenly appeared in front of my parents everybody gasped "Mom Dad. I forgive you. If I had more time I would talk to everybody but I'm afraid I have to go soon." I say "Thank you everybody I'm glad to know I was not hatted in the school. Thank you for giving me my own personal nickname." I say. "Goodbye everyone. Love you mom, dad." my final words before I dissipate and go into the light. The light where I would mow cry over my foolish mistake to take my own life. But I was happy to know that I was loved by everybody and even got a nickname. Precious Angel.

"We love you too Rose." my dad says. Everybody was then crying that they got to see me one last time and that I was forgiving everybody for ignoring me and my parents. Every time that somebody would go and talk to my grave stone I would go back out into the real world and talk to them but only for a min. or two. They would talk about their personal life and everything. I became friends with everybody and I theirs. My mom and dad would go out on night. They knew I loved the night because they read my diary. Every time they come they would leave something for me. Saying it was to make up for everything they did wrong. After years and years my mom and dad stopped coming one day and then my friend then one that started my nickname said that they were killed in a car crash.I cried and everybody knew because that day that she told me it was raining and they cried with me it rained on and off every week but soon the storms would become less and less each day like I was running out of tears. And they were too.

There nightmare end. I decided to make it a little happy.

Come join me tomorrow for another nightmare.

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