My collections of nightmares for you. This is my story and you are just here to listen and wait. Wait each day so I can give you a nightmare. Just wait and see...... Want to know what goes on in my head? Want to find out?.... Just ask.


35. Liars


They have a reason for the lies they say.

Either to protect somebody, or to keep something hidden.

They tells fake promises to give people around them false hopes.

In the end all that is going to end up happening is they are going to loose everything that they hold dear to them.

Lie to a girlfriend?

She's going to find out either by a friend or some stranger.

Know what she is going to do?

Break up with the guy, he lied straight to her face.

He promised she would be the only one in his life.

Turns out he was going out at night visiting a special friend.

Moms and dads are different.

They lie to their children to keep them safe.

The same with any guardian or adult would to a child.

A person has no reason to lie to a loved one if they are trying to cover something up.

A person that lies deliberately to hid something that could of been avoided means that that person whom told that lie has no passion, no love, nothing towards the person that they told the lie to.

They could hurt the people you love the most if not told sooner than later.



Even suicide can be the cause of a lie that kept adding and adding.

Fuck those who lie to their loved ones, just so they can cover up something that could hurt them, and that they shouldn't be doing.

They deserve all bad things that come towards their way.

I hate liars.

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