My collections of nightmares for you. This is my story and you are just here to listen and wait. Wait each day so I can give you a nightmare. Just wait and see...... Want to know what goes on in my head? Want to find out?.... Just ask.


16. I love and I hate

Ok! Sorry for not posting any new chapters on for a while!

Anyways here is the next chapter! Enjoy!


I love how you used hold me  when I was all alone and crying.

I love how you used tell me much I meant to you every single day.

I love how you use kissed me every day.

I love how you used to give me a flower each day.

I love how you used to tell me everything will me alright after everybody died.

I love how you became my lover.

I love how you stole my heart.

I love how you gained my wavering trust.

I love how you became my most important person in life.

Most of all, I love how you trusted me so much, and didn't even doubt me not even once.

I hate how you left me alone one night.

I hate how you lessened your dates with me.

I hate how I found you one night pants down with another girl.

I hate how you lied to me.

I hate how you broke my hear to a million pieces.

Most of all, I hate how you betrayed my trust in you.

I hate you.

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